Quilt No.3GW - Gladys V. Williams

Gladys V. Williams
Gladys V. Williams
NSW Riverina
Gladys Williams
Made in
1921 - 1940
Grandmother's Flower Garden, also known as French Bouquet. The quilt comprises 181 flowers. No padding is used. Each flower has seven hexagonal patches, cut from a metal template pattern. Floral and plain silk materials are used and mounted on pale blue moire taffeta.
3050 x 2031mm

Made by Gladys V. Williams who started the patchwork in 1937. The quilt completed in 1957. It won second prize in the Royal Sydney Show 1958, first prize Albury Spring Show 1958. The quilt is in regular use in summer months.


"This quilt in the beginning was to be a cushion. I was visiting my parents in Launceston, Tasmania, Christmas 1936, when I acquired the first offcuts from my sister, who was a dressmaker, & was making Evening Gowns at the time.
We had two small sons, who were both asthmatics, and it was necessary to spend a lot of time with them. Our mother was an expert needlewoman and had passed on the interest to her daughters. From her Craft Books I became interested in Patchwork.
However, progress was slow and also there was the chase for the off cuts from different sources. When there was enough flowers for a cushion, I had the 'Bug' and kept on.
In 1939 the Second World War began and my husband enlisted in 1941. Before my marriage I was with the Commonwealth Public Service and was called back to work for War Years. So everything was packed away and stored.
The two boys were at school and as you may guess there was not very much spare time.
My husband was discharged September 1945 with War Disabilities, after service in the Middle East & Northern Aust. He took over the management of the family business, with which I was also involved. In 1948 a third son was born and it wasn't until the 1950's that I started up the Patchwork again.
The quilt was finally finished at the end of 1957. I have to thank my sister and many friends for the scraps of beautiful fabrics they collected for me.
I enjoy all kinds of needlework. At present I'm working on Textured Tapestry, using many of the 100 or so different stitches that are available. However, my real love is Hand Knitting and I always have a piece of knitting on the needles."
[Gladys Williams, NSW, 30.1.96]


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