Quilt No.607PWH - The Pioneer Women's Hut

The Pioneer Women's Hut
NSW Riverina
Mrs Toose
Made in
1921 - 1940
Machine pieced patchwork top of Tailor's samples with a backing of patches of furnishing materials. There is no padding.
1930 x 1530mm

Mrs. Toose made this quilt in Moss Vale c.1930. She made many for sale and Mrs. Reynolds purchased this one and passed it on to her daughter-in-law. It was used mainly on the boys' beds and later camping and in an open sided car in 1947. It was kept in the linen press at 'Book Book' near Wagga Wagga for years until it was donated to The Pioneer Women's Hut. It is displayed occasionally at the museum.


Mrs. Toose's husband was a draper and tailor and provided the sample books from which the quilts were made.
Mrs. Reynolds remarked "my husband would never hear of it (the rug) being thrown out or given to the Smith family". She referred to it as a bush rug.

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