Quilt No.755PHM - Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum
Powerhouse Museum
NSW Sydney
Made in
1901 - 1920
"A double sided rectangular patchwork quilt with blanket inlay. On the face side, the patchwork pieces are arranged in long rectangular strips, laid 'log cabin style' and dimishing in size, around the rectangular medallion. This is composed of a column of 5 patches with narrow strip borders. The colours are strong in the centre of the quilt and become softer toward the edge. The patches that make up individual strips are the same toning with a variety of dot, stripe, check and small floral patterns. The quilt has been hand and machine stitched.
The reverse of the quilt has been similarly...

"In 1983 the quilt was brought to Elizabeth Bay House by an elderly man who had seen their 'Good Housekeeping' exhibition. He called the quilt a 'wagga wagga', and asked that a suitable place be found for it if it could not be kept at Elizabeth Bay House. With his permission and with the proviso that he remain annonymous, the quilt was then given to the Powerhouse Museum.
"The donor indicated that the 'wagga wagga' was made from an old woollen blanket and material scraps. It seems likely that his mother made it about 1900." [PHM]


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