Quilt No.1082PS - Pippa Savell

Pippa Savell
Pippa Savell
WA South West
Connie Tostevin
Made in
1901 - 1920
Cot quilt from Suffolk Puffs made from white sheeting. The backing is also white sheeting. 970 x 730mm.

This Suffolk Puff cot quilt was made in New Zealand by Connie Tostevin in 1919. It was made for Audrey Tostevin as a baby. She was the first child of Connie and Frank Tostevin. The quilt is now owned by Audrey's daughter-in-law Pippa Savell. It is not used.

Pippa Savell with the quilt made for her mother-in-law as a baby.
Pippa Savell with the quilt made for her mother-in-law as a baby.

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