Quilt No.193LT - Laurel Thompson

Laurel Thompson
Laurel Thompson
VIC Melbourne
Minnie Dolores Thompson
Made in
1941 - 1970
Quilt made of squares and rectangles of woollen fabric (coating material) in plain, check and woven patterns, in dark bright colours. The backing is a grey wool blanket and the quilt is bound by a light cotton fabric which has frayed. Machine stitched.
1910 x 1530mm

Made by Minnie Dolores Thompson (born Suffolk) in Melbourne around 1945. Later owned by Isobel Thompson, her daughter-in-law, then passed to Isobel's daughter Laurel Thompson.


Minnie Dolores Thompson was Australian, born of Irish/English extraction, and lived in Port Melbourne.
"The quilt maker was a tailoress & her daughter worked in Flinders Lane, Melb (in the 'rag' trade). The fabrics are mostly the medium to heavy weight coating fabrics of the day.
The quilt was made for our family by my paternal grandmother.
I treasure this quilt because it was made by my beloved grandmother. I also have the Singer treadle sewing machine she made it on."
[Laurel Thompson]

Minnie Dolores Thompson
Minnie Dolores Thompson

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