Quilt No.584NP - Nini Priestely

Nini Priestely
NSW Riverina
Lillian furze
Made in
1941 - 1970
Cotton quilt of rectangles (150 x 100mm) of patterned materials in various colours and textures. Many patterns in different colourways as quilt was made from a bag of material samples. The plain off white backing has been machined to the top of the quilt and turned through then a row of zig zag sewed to the top edge. There is no padding.
2440 x 2120mm

The quilt was made by Lillian Furze in Melbourne for the marriage of her daughter Nini in 1959. It is still owned by Nini. It is not used now.


"Lucy Lillian Cock was born at Baringhup in April, 1908, horse and buggy days. Family moved to Camberwell then to William Street, Brighton near 'Castlefield', a grand home and property owned by her grandfather. She attended 'Firbank' Grammar school, later became a dressmaker and model. At 30 she married William (Bill) Crivelli, they moved to Cranbourne. He took Lord Casey's place in Parliament while Lord Casey went to War. Bill died 1949. Lilly then ran a boarding house in Brighton. They had 2 daughters. Margaret married and lives in England and Nini who attended Yooralla in Carlton. The quilt was made for Nini when she married Les Baxter in 1959. Les died 1996, Nini remarried in 1998. Lillian remarried in 1960 to Noel Furze, she died on 4/11/1997."
[Valda Martin 1999]

Nini Priestely holding the quilt made by her mother 1999
Nini Priestely holding the quilt made by her mother 1999
Lillian Furze, Centre, Nini Baxter (Priestely) left, Valda Martin, 1971
Lillian Furze, Centre, Nini Baxter (Priestely) left, Valda Martin, 1971

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