Quilt No.624PWH - The Pioneer Women's Hut

The Pioneer Women's Hut
NSW Riverina
Catherine Anderson
Made in
1901 - 1920
Quilt top of patches of tailors' samples and men's suiting pieces in dark colours, mainly black and grey. Machine construction. It has a border of rose coloured velveteen and the backing is a single piece of cream patterned flannelette.

The quilt was made by Catherine Anderson of 'Selby Grange' Brockelsby NSW between 1912 and 1827. It was used in Catherine and Robert's home until 1945 when it passed to their son Jack and his wife Evelyn and later their daughter Joan (Hooper) who donated it to The Pioneer Women's Hut. It is displayed occasionally at the museum.


Catherine Anderson (born Knese) lived with her husband Robert, and their son, John Henry (Jack) in a wattle and daub house on 'Selby Grange' at Brocklesby, NSW from 1912 to 1927. The quilt was made for general use. When Catherine and Robert retired to Albury they also used the quilt in their new home. Following their deaths in 1945 the quilt was used in Jack's house, with his wife Evelyn and daughter Joan. When Joan married (Hooper) in 1949 she took the quilt and used it mainly while caravanning with young children in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Family wedding group. Catherine Anderson on the right. 1926
Family wedding group. Catherine Anderson on the right. 1926
The house Catherine and Robert retired to in Albury
The house Catherine and Robert retired to in Albury

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