Motor Vehicles

This collection is currently being developed by a committee of volunteers who have been collecting any items related to the operations of the fire service and fire protection both of an historical and modern nature. Currently the museum is a collection only. Its aim is to preserve fire service equipment and memorabilia. Negotiations with the parent body (Tasmanian Fire Services) for public displays facilities are on going.Approximately 1500 items including 10 fire service vehicles
A collection of motor vehicles and motorcycles from the 1900s to the 1990s, the Museum contains over 100 exhibitions which are regularly changed. The vehicles are available for special presentations and functions.Approximately 100 items and memorabilia
Woolmers is of outstanding cultural significance because it has continuous association with the one family (Thomas Archer and his descendants), providing and encapsulated record of six generations of the family and the changes to their lifestyle, from the time the land was first settled in the Longford area, to the death of the last heir in 1994. It is the longest association in Tasmania. Woolmers has small museum status.Apart from the original house (1819) and the new additions in 1840's. The Extant outbuildings, workshop, cottages plant and artefacts are a unique record of the scale of...
The Museum aims to preserve representative items of transport interest and has developed into an important community asset in the Glenorchy Municipality. The museum caters for the cultural and educational needs of those who live in the area as well as those who find pleasure in Tasmanian transport heritage: those enthusiasts for whom past forms of transport and associated memorabilia have a particular fascination. The museum operates train rides on the first and third Sunday of each month.The collection includes steam locomotives; rail cars and rolling stock; reconstructed railway station...
The Italian Historical Society [I.H.S] was established in 1980 to collect, preserve, interpret and foster an understanding of the history and heritage of Italian immigration to Australia. It is the only historical society with this specialization in Australia. The main components of the HIS Collection are the library, the photographic collection, oral histories, letters, documents and official records. Within these collections are the other key sub-categories including diplomatic archives, internment records and newspaper cuttings. The HIS is located symbolically, in the heart of Italian...
The Local History Resource Centre was established in 1984 as part of the Victoria 150th Celebrations. The collection is housed in the former Ouyen Courthouse building which it shares with the Mallee Genealogical Society. The centre houses material collected from the southern part of the Rural City Council area. The photographic collection is a special feature, comprising approximately 2,500 black and white photographs. The aim of the centre is to make local history information accessible to everyone.Photographs, microfilm of the early Ouyen newspapers from 1911, including some early copies...
This collection of automobilia includes over 70 hand operated petrol pumps, signs, bottles and racks, auto cycles, oil engines, tins, etc. The vehicles include a 1913 Metz car and a 1928 Chev truck. The museum building is classified by the National Trust.Estimated 600 items, including a petrol pump collection of 100 pumps
A collector's paradise, the Museum presents over 200 collections in thirty rooms. Set amidst five acres of International Gardens (the Savill Gardens), its special attractions include the fourteenth portable gaol built in Victoria and the state's smallest church.Estimate over 1 million items
This pre-fabricated timber mansion was imported from Germany and erected in 1855 for Charles Ibbotson, a partner of Frederick Dalgety. While the interior of the house was re-furbished by its owners in the 1930s, the grounds and gardens remain much as they were in the nineteenth century, complete with stone water tower, stables and dovecote. A decorative arts collection is displayed within the mansion. A small collection of fine Georgian furniture is also on display, collected by the last owners, Marnie and Louis Whyte - Charles Ibbotson's grandson.2000 objects
Scienceworks is a dynamic interactive science and technology museum combining the newly built Melbourne Planetarium. Scienceworks encourages visitors to 'Get A Grasp of Science and Technology' by creating a range of interactive experiences that are enjoyable and educational through its range of high quality programs, services and facilities offered. This venue also features Melbourne's magnificent nineteenth century sewage pumping station.50,000 objects plus 200,000 two-dimensional items
Housed in the old woodend Court House, the Resource Centre caters for local and family history inquiries. The collection is accessed by computers and a master file by over 100,000 cards. Microfilm, microfiche records, audio tapes and transcripts, school and cemetery records, photographs, rate books etc, make up the collectionEstimated 100,000 references and catalogued items
A large collection of vehicles from 1900 to models of the 1950s and 1960s, together with a collection of memorabilia, are displayed in a large galvanised iron building designed to look like an old time garage. More vehicles awaiting restoration are displayed outside, at the rear of the building. Vehicles being restored can be viewed in a modern workshop.Over 100 historic vehicles in various stages of restoration, with 20 fully restored
A 1940s style garage housing a unique collection of 50 motor vehicles. There are motorcycles, a variety of petrol bowsers from hand pumping ones to the more modern type, dozens of enamel signs covering the entire walled area, hundreds of model cars in varying scales, and memorabilia reflecting over 90 years of motoring history. Many unusual vehicles including a good selection of Micro cars such as Goggomobil, BMW Isetta, Messerschmitt and a Suzuki Concept vehicle, as well as an electric Enfield, an Australian built Zeta, an AC Acedes Invalid tricycle and several unusual Studebakers...
The main attractions of the Gisborne Steam Park are a working narrow gauge railway that will soon be used to take passengers on a loop of track; and working engines (including the Fowler Steam Road Roller and Ruston Hornsby Portable Steam Engine) that can be seen operating on regular running days. An engineering workshop museum exhibits the machinery, tools and equipment of a 1920s style farmer's engineering workshop.Estimated 100 items
The Museum contains displays of Corps and related military memorabilia, as well as an outdoor display of over forty restored vehicles. Many other vehicles of relevance to the RACT and its predecessor Corps are awaiting work which will restore them to their original condition.Estimated 54 restored vehicles and 11 awaiting restoration work

Motor Museum featuring vehicles, stationary engines, motorcycles, signs, models, trams, tractor, a fully set up workshop, photographic and general motoring memorabilia. Extensive range of veteran, vintage and classic cars and trucks. Working exhibit - showing the internal workings of an early model Holden 6 cylinder engineEstimated 30 plus vehicles and other items which exceed 600

The RAAF Museum is Australia's biggest collection of military aircraft and memorabilia relating to the rich history of the Australian Flying Corps and the Royal Australian Air Force. Regular flying displays are held. Showcasing the museum's historic aircraft fleet and visitors can also view skilled aircraft restorers and maintenance at work.Major national military aviation relating to the history to the history of the Australian Flying corps and the RAAF. Collection includes in excess of 75 aircraft, 400,000 individual objects 120,000 volumes and over 3 million negatives and photographs.
This is the largest privately owned military museum in Australia. Over 30,000 square feet of floor space with over 70 vehicles and artillery pieces, and showcases of military memorabilia.Australian military history covering WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam represented through military vehicles and equipment used by Australian soldiers here and overseas from Gallipoli to Vietnam.
Divided into sub-sections: Forestry, Ski Patrol, CFA, Ski Industry, and Early History. The collection contains many pairs of skis, boots, snowbards, ice skating boots, handmade clothing, ski clothing, film footage, photographs, videos, posters, slides, books, magazines, flags, uniforms, lift equipment, T- Bars, and other sking paraphernalia such as 'skins', 'nutcrackers', and 'wax'.Not only is the place of the museum unique, the subject matter of the museum is itself special and because of its individuality it is worthy of preservation and display. Nowhere else is it possible to view the...