Motor Vehicles

The front building of the Museum was originally used as a house dating from 1842. It is the only remaining house building in the CBD area of Port Macquarie from that era.
All artefacts on display show development from convict beginnings to early settlement from the 1840s. Displays at the museum include; a 'street of shops' depicting life as it was in the 1800s and a prize-winning costume collection. The museum has been in operation for over 40 years and is the winner of awards for best museum.More than 20,000 items collected over a period of 40 years. Artefacts from all aspects of Port...
Inverell Transport Museum was formed to display Veteran, Classic and Antique vehicles for the locals and visitor to our district. Inverell is classed a one of the go ahead antique car clubs of the state. A virtually new building of 3800suare metres of concrete construction was available from the Shire Council. Help was freely given by the local council, the Business Enterprise Centre, and local service clubs. An area of 3ha is available for our annual car show. Groups of car enthusiasts from Queensland, NSW and Victoria are making use of the museum for their tours with teas and meals...
As part of the North Pine Country Park Historic Precinct, operated by the Pine Rivers Shire Council, our all volunteer society operates the boiler house to keep alive the machines which helped to bring industry and prosperity to our state. It provides a unique learning experience for members and visitors alike.The boiler house has a unique collection of large steam engines, plus a number of smaller ones, that run on live steam. It also includes a 1900 traction engine, numerous old stationary engines and tractors, trucks and other memorabilia.
The museum is situated in ten hectares of parkland and houses a vast display of mining era memorabilia: housing, dairy display, mining equipment etc. It also features a railway museum and a light horse museum. The winding engine operates under steam a minimum of four times a year.Over 4,000 items
The building was built in 1888. The collection features old vintage vehicles, household furniture, tools and other domestic artefacts illustrating life in the Charleville district.Estimate 600 items
The Winton and District Historical Society have operated the Qantilda Museum since 1972. The members of the society are volunteers who donate their time to help educate people about the pioneers who built the outback. During the 28 year existence of the historical society a huge collection of outback memorabilia and artworks have been accumulated, documented and set out in such a way as to educate people on the livelihood of the aboriginal inhabitants and, the livelihood of the districts settlers and their descendants. A reading room, which is frequently updated, provides an immense...
The Zara Clarke Museum is housed in a late nineteenth century commercial building of size and scale unusual in Queensland country towns. The museum contains items pertaining to the history of Charters Towers. The large collection includes early transport vehicles, documents and domestic items.

The Gift Shop and office of the Charters Towers Branch of the National Trust of Queensland are also located in the Zara Clarke Museum.
The stone house was constructed in the 1880s. The Museum features local historical items of interest, including photographs, machinery, communications and cultural materials from the local area.The Stone House, The Fossil Museum, The Howard Cottage with photographs, medical and local items, rural items.
The Museum is a complex comprising different buildings and collections. It includes a display area for vehicles, a jailhouse, a courthouse, a slab hut, social history buildings and a Museum display area.500 items
The village consists of over 60 buildings of Historical Significance to the Caboolture Shire and Environs. All the buildings are appropriately furnished or used for other useful and interesting purposes. The site also includes restored machinery and vehicles, some in good working condition.Approximately 14,000 items catalogued
John Flynn Place houses the Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum. It contains memorabilia of John Flynn, the Australian Inland Mission etc. The Fred McKay Art Gallery houses major works including prize winners from the Ernst Henry Memorial Art Show. The complex also contains the Alfred Traeger Cultural Centre and the Allan Vickers Outdoor Theatre.There are 3 levels in the Museum Building. Ground floor: John Flynn Gallery with memorabilia on John Flynn and the Flying Doctor Service. Downstairs you will find the Radio Gallery, with original Pedal Wireless plus photographs, radios, first aid...

1892 Country Post Office and Residence, furnished country Dance Hall, large lace collection, household requirements used from the turn of the 20th Century, early 1900 farm implements, Blacksmith shop and tools, cheese making equipment, World War 2 memorabilia, shepherds hut, country school building and much, much moreLarge lace collection, World War II Memorabilia, photographs, farm machinery, circa 1900 buildings, picnic area, BBQ, Cheese making equipment, Blacksmith shop and tools.

The Society maintains a sandstone cottage, built c.1870, which features furniture and household items representing more than 130 years of family life in the district. Collections of photographs, historical items, farming equipment, vehicles and machinery are displayed. Several buildings have been relocated on the site, including a church, slab hut, overseers cottage and an emporium building. A printing display includes presses and associated items from the Warwick Daily News.15,000 items
Our Chinchilla Museum has restored Pioneer cottage - fully furnished. Prickly Pear story from devastation to eradication. Traction steam engines, vintage motor vehicles, horse drawn vehicles, original Chinchilla state school, fully furnished - Two halls containing collection of Memorabilia of yesteryear: fully restored dairy and cream shed.Over 5,000 items on display, including farm machinery, horse drawn vehicles, well appointed library housing history of Chinchilla and its pioneers. First Chinchilla school (1883) on grounds containing early school memorabilia.
Located in a historic village complex, has a replica fire station with early model mack appliance and hand reel. Museum building contains 5 vintage fire appliance, 1 turntable ladder - models photographs - patches badges - portable equipment.7 vintage fire appliances - equipment Australian and Overseas helmets and uniforms, patches and badges. Australian and Overseas vintage breathing apparatus, portable equipment, early style watchroom, hand drawn reel
The museum comprises a museum building, cottage, lock-up and an extensive display of outside machinery.200 items of outside machinery
The Museum records the social history of South East Queensland since European settlement. Cleveland was one of the earliest settled areas and for a hundred years was a thriving farming community specialising in fruit and vegetables for the Brisbane area. The Museum presents a range of topics across a total display space of over 1300m2. Travelling exhibitions, community displays and in-house short term exhibitions frequent the temporary space of 74m2.Horse drawn vehicles, farming machinery, textiles and costumes, household equipment, maritime history, WWI & II memorabilia, medical and...
The Museum was established in a Pioneer house by the owner, Ms Olive Wieland, as a children's project in 1990. A Morning Star Chapel was begun for children 12 years ago. The Museum complements the Chapel, which is in the front room of the house. It contains an antique organ, table and chair and pews. The Museum includes a range of shells, pictures, wood specimens, household items and many items used on farms from the 1920s and earlier.Original farm implements, Horse drawn plow and other horse drawn farming equipment.
The Queensland Museum is an innovative, exciting and accessible museum of science, human achievement and social history, of international standing, reaching out to all Queenslanders. Through excellence in communication, collection, interpretation and research, the Museum displays and publications bring significant times, peoples and places to life.2,250,000 specimens
The Museum consists of two large corrugated iron sheds. Displayed in these we have heavy agricultural machinery, farming equipment and other large and smaller items relating to a dairying district. Despite this the museum is not crowded. Also displayed, in glass cabinets we have crockery, glassware, bric-a-brac, sewing articles and three rooms depicting the 1930's - 1940's style of living. Our small items and photo room contains many records, fabrics and various documents. We have a great collection of transcripts of taped interviews with long time residents of Rosalie Shire. We have...