Western Australian Museum Geraldton

WA’s largest regional museum, the new Western Australian Museum Geraldton showcases the Mid West region with original displays that intrigue, inform and inspire.
Located on the waterfront on the magnificent Batavia Coast Marina, the building itself symbolises the meeting of the land and the sea, a theme that is present throughout the Museum.
Three permanent galleries are housed within the Museum - the Mid West Gallery, Shipwreck Gallery and Aboriginal Gallery as well as a travelling exhibition hall and theatrette screening re-enactments of the famous Batavia mutiny.
Stepping into the Shipwreck Gallery is like heading for a high sea adventure with an audio tunnel and gang-way setting the sensory scene before the visitor comes face to face with the magnificent stone portico of the Dutch ship Batavia.
The Shipwreck Gallery tells the stories of four wrecks along the Mid West coast, ranging from the famous Batavia mutiny full of blood, lust and murder to the inspiring saga of human ingenuity displayed by Zeewyck survivors.
Key icon objects such as the Zuytdorp stern piece benefit from the special lighting effects achievable in this Gallery.
The Mid West Gallery, due for completion by the middle of 2002, will take the visitor on a meandering journey, following the many twists and turns that make up the different facets of the Mid West story.
It will integrate the natural and social history of the region with a special emphasis on weaving the history of the Indigenous population throughout.
Contemporary Indigenous culture is also explored with arts and crafts displayed in the Aboriginal Gallery.

Batavia Coast Marina, Geraldton, WA
10.00am - 4.00pm
By donation