Quilt No.125BF - Bud and Patricia Ford

Bud and Patricia Ford
Bud and Patricia Ford
QLD South West
Mondi Gertrude Hortense Ford
Made in
1941 - 1970
A striped bush blanket with patches of used clothing. Originally covered with cretonne.
1829 x 1525mm

This utilitarian quilt (originally with cretonne cover) was made by Mondi Gertrude Hortense Ford at Miles Queensland for her husband Hugh Bird Ford father of the present owner Bud Ford. It was made for carrying in a swag. It is not used now and is stored in the shed at Aldersyde East "because my wife told me to get rid of it and I couldn't do it" [Bud Ford]


"Bush blankets such as this one were usually coloured stripes on a dark grey base. They were inclined to be rough and probably made from low grade wool possibly either by Morris Mills of Ipswich or Bendigo or Geelong Mills." [Bud Ford]
Mondi Ford (born Fowles) 1893-1980, mother of the present owner, was the maker. She was the youngest sister of a brother who served in the Queensland Mounted Rifles during the Boer War. She spent time in China and Japan as hostess to her brother who was an honorary British Consul. "She was bored to death, luxury wasn't her style" [BF]. In 1921 she eloped with Hugh Bird Ford. They were married in Melbourne in the Anglican Cathedral with the verger and sweeper as witnesses. Mondi Ford was an accomplished musician and artist, a prolific correspondent. She was a needlewoman but hated cooking.

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