Quilt No.672GH - Gail Hansen

Gail Hansen
Gail Hansen
QLD South East
Alice Neverman
Made in
USA Wisconsin
1921 - 1940
All over pattern of hexagons formed into rosettes or 'flowers' in a pattern known as 'Grandmother's Flower Garden'. Hand sewn and hand quilted 5mm around hexagons. Materials are muslins, scraps of dress materials and flour 'sacks'. It has cotton padding and muslin backing.
2230 x 1650mm

The quilt was made by Alice Neverman Flynn in the 1920s at Neillsville, Wisconsin, USA and is now owned by the grand-daughter Gail Hansen (born Flynn). It is used for display only.


"Alice Flynn was born in Neillsville, Wisconsin, U.S.A December 13 1889 to German parents, she married Arthur Flynn in 1916 and had two sons and seven grandchildren. Her elder son, John, married an Australian in 1944 and moved to Australia in 1952, bringing the quilt with them. She made at least six quilts, applique and pieced. Her eldest granddaughter, Gail, (Australia) is the only grandchild to be an avid quilter. Gail has another Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt made by Alice Flynn and brought to Australia in 1980. The other quilts Alice made remain in the U.S.A. with a granddaughter and daughter-in-law."
[Gail Hansen 9.10.98]

Alice Neverman Flynn 1889-1981
Alice Neverman Flynn 1889-1981

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