Frame Quilts

Nell Bell
Double sided patchwork quilt in coloured patterned cottons. Side A has frame pattern aound a central pieced rectangle containing a piece of lace curtaining. Colours are ornage, brown, yellow, green, red and black. Side B has windmill blades (4 blades) in printed cottons with solid colour centres appliqued on to a dark brown background. Hand and machine sewn. Padding is fleece wool in an old commercial eiderdown.
1829 x 915mm
Julene Robbins
Frame quilt made from taffetas, satins, chinese type brocades and some silks. The central square is a checkerboard pattern and the radiating borders are mainly squares. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. The padding is cotton and the backing is rectangles joined together.
2327 x 2150mm
Gayle Graham
4 hexagon flower motifs in cotton and brocade stitched with herringbone stitch to a blue background form the centre frame. There are then 3 borders of woollen materials and additional strips either end. The backing is a printed cotton with multicoloured balloons and '1967' embroidered in one corner. The padding is thought to be an old blanket.
1350 x 850mm
Narryna Heritage Museum
The centre rectangle consists of rosettes of hexagons. It is surrounded by borders of hexagon rosettes and squares with one long strip of diamonds. The colours are predominantly pink and fawn. It is hand stitched. In the 1980s the quilt was mended and a calico backing added.
2000 x 1800mm
The Embroiderers' Guild of S.A.Inc Museum
Incomplete quilt top not padded or backed. Variously patterned chintzes and cottons, assembled as patchworked borders to centre frame. There are hexagons and assorted appliqued shapes on calico. There is a small amount of surface embroidery.
2160 x 2500mm
Mrs Noleen Caarthew
Hand stitched quilt top in printed cotton with central frame of elongated diamond of orange/blue squares and triangles. Borders are mainly squares set on point, triangles, strips, pinwheels and log cabin.
2140 x 1850mm
Fran Williams
Double sided frame quilt. One side has 4 patch triangular design in the centre and then 8 borders. The other side, probably the back, has 8 or 9 borders and the outer one is a very uneven border of blue floral. Mainly cotton materials with a little flannelette. It is not bound. The edges are butted and top sewed. There is a lot of quilting. The padding appears to be an old blanket.
1540 x 1900mm
Valerie Rivers
Hand sewn frame quilt with design in 3cm hexagons. Some paper templates still in place but the backing has been removed. There are 16 different fabrics used in reds, dark greens, browns, pinks etc.
1890 x 1660mm
Janette McInnes
Pieced and appliqued quilt of pink, blue and brown wool. Centre motif is an applique whirligig or flower in pink and blue on tan, with two pink side borders topped by smaller appliqued whirligigs or flowers in the same colours. The outer frame is made of strips of pink, blue,and brown, with a border of brown. Some silk embroidery on the applique edges. No padding. Backing is of cretonne.
1423 x 1144mm
Charlotte Nattey
Quilt in cottons and linens with the centre frame featuring an eight pointed star surrounded by borders of pieced diamonds, squares, stars and long sashing pieces. The entire quilt has been overstitched in a chevron running stitch 15mm apart. If there is padding it has flattened completely. The backing is heavy twill weave linen.
2020 x 1830mm
Pieced quilt, the top made of fine wool fabric sewn using a treadle sewing machine, to form a distinctive Amish geometric pattern, 'Diamond in a Square'. A large red diamond is in a large blue square, contained by a narrow red border with small blue corner blocks, finished with a binding of deep red. The open areas are intricately hand quilted with patterns of feathers, flowers and leaves. Filling of wool, backing of plain blue cotton.
1770 x 1770mm
National Trust of Australia (SA)
Patchwork frame quilt in various cotton print fabrics, main colours are red, grey, pink, blue, light brown. Centre panel (104cm x 99cm) made of stars constructed from diamond shapes, in a grey stripe frame (2cm). Wide border (25cm) of hexagon 'flowers' with a grey stripe frame (3 1/2cm), then a border (17cm) of randomly placed diamond patches with a frame of grey stripe fabric. Two sides have a border of pastel stars with bright colour diamonds in between, then a narrow frame of red and grey stripe fabric. Quilt has a border of triangle squares. No padding. Cotton backing.
2810 x 2340mm
Quilt top. One of a pair. The centre piece is appliqued with cross strips and triangles with 'Chester 4 �.' printed on a centre blue strip. The last letters are difficult to read. The borders are triangles, rectangles and squares in cottons (including dimity) and some chenilles.
1160 x 1100mm
Hand sewn frame quilt featuring appliqué. There is a centre square surrounded by two wide borders. The design consists of a large basket in each corner of the square with leaves and buds scattered at random. The 2 borders have flowers and leaves and the outer wide border has a small basket in each side. Colours are pale and strong pinks, blues shading to indigo, browns-beiges and dusty red. The centres of the flowers are all reverse appliqué. There are signs that there has been a backing but it is now one layer. 2700 x 2700 mm.
Ella Jarvis
Patchwork frame quilt with frame design on both sides, made from print and plain cottons. Front has blue floral rectangle with a bright blue scalloped frame, then 2 blue floral frames, a dark blue frame, a purple patterned frame, and 2 outer borders in blue, black and yellow prints. Reverse has centre of turquoise, with a frame of orange and blue prints, a pointed border of dark blue, a wide frame of pale blue print, then 3 borders on orange, blue, brown and white prints. Filling is old blankets. 1520 x 1410mm
Frame quilt in linen has a centre motif in broderie perse applique of a blue urn topped with a blue basket of flowers, and perched on the basket handle a parrot. This is in a blue oval, with butterflies, a ribbon at the top and several posies of roses. Either side is a panel of broderie perse flowers. There is a narrow frame of patterned fabric, then a border of triangles pieced to make squares, with octagonal printed patches at each corner. The outer border is of appliqued circles of printed fabric on a dark background. Hand sewn.
1770 x 1730mm
Patchwork quilt with centre frame of 4 pointed starwith radiating borders of pieced squares and rectangles. Materials are cottons and some linen and it is constructed using the English hand piecing method. There is no padding and it is backed with cotton sheeting joined by machine so it is a later addition.
1400 x 1050mm
"The quilt is made entirely from over 7300 hexagons cut from scrap materials, and is hand stitched throughout using the 'English' method of quilting. Scraps of plain unbleached calico were used for the background with the pattern pieces cut from plain and floral fabrics in shades of blue. The design is medallion style, with a large central diamond surrounded by two concentric diamond borders beyond which are scattered different sized hexagonal rosettes, all made from hexagon patches in the same size. The pattern patches were cut from the offcuts of dresses and dressing gowns made at a friend's factory and from another friend's dress material scraps." [PHM] There is no padding. The backing is 'Actil' unbleached sheeting dyed pale blue and attached with a blind stitch to the quilt top. A central rosette set within a large diamond of hexagons decorates the back and is stitched through to hold the 2 layers together.
2720 x 1880mm