Hexagon Quilts

National Trust of Australia (VIC)
Hand sewn quilt of cotton hexagons placed to form rosettes or 'flowers'' each unit is 6 hexagons and one in the centre. There is a border, based on squares, around the quilt. In the centre of a rosette in the middle of the quilt 'E.L.1798' is embroidered in grey cotton in cross stitch. The backing is cotton.
2600 x 2400mm
Tamworth Historical Society Inc
Patchwork quilt made from cotton hexagon patches constructed in the 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' pattern. The rosettes are set in horizontal rows with cream 'paths' between. The quilt is edged with a border, 21cm wide, of blue and white striped cotton in a trianglur pattern. No padding.
2591 x 2160mm
National Trust of Australia (WA)
Quilt of hexagons with a centre motif and continuous borders of hexagons and rosettes surrounding the centre. Quilt is of cotton dress and furnishing materials in red, green, yellow, purple, blue, pink and light brown, mostly florals, with some plains, stripes, dots and checks. It is hand sewn. There is no padding and the backing is calico.
2370 x 1895mm
Queensland Women's Historical Assoc.
Cotton hexagons in 'flower' pattern. 6 hexagons around a central one make the flower. Printed and plain fabrics with white between the rows. Patterned border.
2337 x 2135mm
Rhonda Allardice
Hand stitched quilt constructed entirely from hexagons formed into rosettes or 'flowers'. 7 hexagons to each flower and 440 flowers in the quilt. The material used is mostly upholstery pieces. There is no padding and the backing is pale green cotton. Cardboard templates were used.
3300 x 2400mm
Fran Williams
Hand pieced cotton quilt in Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. Shirtings, chintzes, roller prints. 240mm ruffle in paisley pattern on 3 sides, probably a later addition. The backing is a heavy Indian cotton possibly also put on later. There is no quilting at all. There is no padding.
2000 x 2240mm
Euroa and District Historical Society
Hand stitched Grandmother's Flower Garden cotton quilt constructed from a wide variety of materials. The centre of each hexagon is a flower. On the outer edge there is a bobble fringe sewn on to a 25mm red strip. There is an inner border of a brown floral trail of hexagons. The background is white cotton.
2980 x 2880mm
Bill & Barbara Meynink
Patchwork quilt made from brightly coloured printed cotton fabrics in hexagon patches hand sewn together in rosettes, and stitched by machine onto a border of red fabric. Fabric scraps for the patchwork were donated from friends. No padding. Backing is white cotton curtain lining.
2642 x 2363mm
National Trust of Australia (QLD)
Quilt of hexagons on a brown cotton background. Hexagons form rosettes, 6 in patterned cotton around a plain coloured center. 2 outside rows of the same patter. Hand constructed.
1697 x 1259mm
Beth Hoskins
Cotton hexagon quilt, hand stitched, no filling. All centres, of diamond motifs, are plain lemon. Hand stitched edge on to deep blue backing turned back to the front.
2400 x 1800mm
Euroa and District Historical Society
Unfinished square quilt top in hexagon rosettes. Papers have been removed but some tacking threads remain. 1896 is embroidered on one hexagon.
2470 x 2470mm
Benalla & District Historical Society
Patchwork quilt, handsewn, with centre section made from hexagons, in red solid and prints, and green, blue and black prints and checks. The centre hexagonal section has sides measuring 420mm. The rest of the quilt is of cream cotton with stars,hearts and other motifs appliqued, and finished with a wide border with 3 narrow red stripes. At a later date it was backed with white damask and machined in 25mm squares, the edges also sewn by machine. No padding.
2500 x 1780mm
Lorna Cheong
Centre of hexagon pieces edged with braid and surrounded by 3 borders of old coating materials. The hexagons and the borders are all wool. There is herringbone stitch on the edge of the rayon backing. The padding is an old cream blanket.
1000 x 750mm
Kerrie Maloney
Quilt made of hexagons of Chinese silk brocades in different designs and colourways. The seams of the hexagons have been overstitched in black thread in herringbone stitch. There is a wool padding and a backing of silk.
1931 x 1524mm
Diana Cameron
Cotton quilt of patterned and plain hexagons with central design and borders of hexagons radiating from it. It is hand sewn and most patterns are of roses. Backing is pink sateen and is a replacement backing put on in 1939. Pieced over papers, remnant love letters were found when the new backing was put on.
1981 x 1525mm
Bett Basham
Hand sitched quilt of 45mm hexagons. Multicoloured prints, patterns and plain materials. Some hexagons still have papers in place. Repair and replacements have been made especially around the edges. Each hexagon is anchored by a black colonial knot to the flannelette padding. There is a blue binding. The backing is Chambray. The 3 layers are kept together with simple embroidery.
2590 x 1750mm
Fran Williams
Hexagon quilt top of predominantly roller print cottons. Pieced over newspapers (English) with some still inside dated to early 1880s. The owner commented on the way the maker has used the prints to form secondary designs. Possible later additions around the edges.
1760 x 2150mm
Mary Holland
Strip of hexagons with paper templates still in place in the outside row. Mainly small prints. All hand stitched.
4090 x 120mm
Miles Historical Village & Museum
Patchwork quilt made from hexagon patches and pieces cut to the shape of a rosette of 7 hexagons. Fabrics are cottons and crimplene, all hand sewn. Quilt is reversible. Colours are a mixture of dark and light, with plain fabrics, and florals, stripes, spots and geometrics. No padding. The back is the same as the front.
2007 x 1499mm
Yvonne Murray
Hand pieced over cardboard, hexagon quilt using a wide variety of cotton materials in patterns and plains. Buttons are used as ties and placed at irregular intervals. There are the remains of fluffy appliques thought to have been bunnies. The padding is a blanket and the backing is flannelette.
1030 x 820mm