Pieced Repeat Block Quilts

Donna Wood
Block pattern. Quarter Dresden Plate/Fan in pale yellow, dark blue and brighter blue and pale yellow triangles in border. Navy blue edge. Some fabrics coarsely woven. Hand pieced and hand quilted in a quarter fan in half triangles on edge. Straight lines on other blocks. Padding is fine cotton and the backing is fine cream coloured calico. 1900 x 1650mm
Diane Kern Hamilton
Embroidered floral squares quilt. Consists of sixteen embroidered squares (mainly flowers) on white sheeting divided by pale green and pale apricot floral sashing. Hand quilted in a square within a square pattern. The binding is the same pattern as the sashing and has been put on by machine. The padding is very thin processed cotton and the backing is white sheeting. This quilt was possibly made from a pre stamped kit. 1940 x 1800mm.
Valerie Gorey
Quilt in traditional Bow Tie pattern. Hand pieced and hand quilted with a wide variety of late 1930-1940 dress fabrics. The central block is cream homespun with the outline of the bow ties quilted. The padding is cotton and the backing is yellow muslin. 2080 x 1830mm.
Jilleen Donaldson
The quilt pattern is alternating pieced blocks and plain blocks. The plain fabric is red with small white and brown flowers. The blocks have a central square on point with radiating lines towards the corners and triangles in between the lines. The triangles and squares are blue or green and the radiating lines are in a floral. The quilt is
hand pieced and has irregular hand quilting. The purple cotton backing fabric is folded to the front to make the binding and hand stitched down. The quilt is padded possibly with wool. 1680 x 2190mm
Batlow Historical Society
Cotton blocks set on point embroidered in satin stitch, all blocks embroidered with pattern of bearded irises in pale lemon, green, white. Alternate blocks battenburg-style cotton-lace stitched together linking blocks. Cotton torchon lace edging.
2020 x 1950mm
Valerie Gorey
Hand pieced quilt top in 1930s calicos and homespuns. Begun as a friendship quilt with a number of names on blocks embroidered in different coloured threads. The present owner has added padding and a backing and intends to hand quilt. 2070 x 1800mm.
Diane Kern Hamilton
"Afro-American quilt. Is Monkey Wrench pattern entirely hand sewn. Fabrics used are all mostly bold cottons eg. stripes, bold bright florals, and patterns which were probably left- over dress-making fabrics. No two blocks are the same. The Afro-American style is linear so as each block was made a piece of sashing was stitched on until there was a long row. Long strips of sashing were then used to join all the long rows of blocks together. The sashing is dark brown and white plaids and stripes. Sashing is a little uneven as all the blocks are not exactly the same size. There are 30 blocks.
Quilt was bought by the present owner as a quilt top so she has added a plain calico border to distinguish the addition from the original. She then added wadding and a backing and tied it with thick crochet cotton." [Joy Hill Quilt Historian WAQA] 2070 x 1710mm
Batlow Historical Society
Quilt top of log cabin blocks in white and faded blue cotton twill. The blocks are joined so that the blue sections meet. The blocks are backed with flannel, and the quilt is edged with blue binding, machine and hand sewn.
2050 x 1860mm
Batlow Historical Society
Quilt of log cabin blocks, hand pieced on to foundation fabric of white cotton. Each block consists of 4 logs per side, in 1cm strips, with 3cm centres. Blocks are mostly divided into dark and light prints, with red, blue, white, pink predominating, and dark colours meeting together. The outside log on each side is turned over to the back and stitched to the foundation fabric, then squares are stitched together. Cotton fabrics, shirting and twills.
1990 x 1600mm
Shari Jamieson
Cot quilt, repeat block in Bow Tie variation (?). White homespun and pink print with animals. It is hand pieced and tied. The padding is white flannelette and the backing is pale blue homespun. 1130 x 970 mm.
Beverly Downing
Hand stitched quilt in repeat hexagon pattern in calico and headcloth. There is no padding and the backing is calico. 1740 x 1050mm
Shari Jamieson
Quilt is of white homespun background with all-over 'double wedding-ring' design, constructed from a variety of prints. Minimally quilted with leaves and daisies. Backing is of the same white homespun, padding is of very fine cotton batting. 1900 x 1630 mm.
Sue Thomson
Patchwork quilt in the Log Cabin pattern, with a variation where the centre square is pieced from a dark and light triangle. Used materials make up the strips, and include cottons, velvet, bombazine, men's trouser fabric, and the quilt has a handmade lace border. Pieces of red cloth stand out. Strips are machine stitched onto a backing made from flour bags. There is no padding. Backing is made of crazy patchwork with feather stitch on some seams. Machine sewn.
1470 x 1070mm
Nancy Dunlap
Block pattern. Square within a square with 4 set together with plain mauve rectangles between. Fabrics range from the 1890s. The quilt has been patched with red striped fabric. Cross hatch hand quilting in the mauve rectangles. The padding is thin cotton and the backing is indigo cotton (faded). 1990 x 1670mm
Mavis Fryer
Quilt top in Bow Tie pattern incorporating floral and printed feed sacks and sugar and flour bags. There are embroidered names indicating it is an unfinished friendship quilt. 2010 x 1710mm.
Joyce Lannin
Machine made quilt with 4 log cabin squares joined to make a larger square. Materials are all scraps from family dressmaking. There is no padding and the backing is unbleached calico. 2270 x 2030 mm
The Pioneer Women's Hut
Quilt made up of 8 white cotton squares, 360 x 360mm, each with a differently coloured crinoline lady appliqued in buttonhole stitch. The squares are divided by bands of yellow cotton. It is hand quilted. The padding is kapok or cotton and the backing is red cotton.
2170 x 1700mm
Alyce Wright
All cotton scrap quilt in 'Star' variation. Scalloped border bound with pink cotton. The padding is hand carded cotton and the backing is white cotton.
2160 x 1626mm
Jeanne Mims
Child's quilt. Top pieced in cotton squares in yellow, brown and cream. Backing is plain cream cotton. Padding is a thin layer of cotton. Binding on the edge is machined on and then hand stitched to the back. Hand quilted on a diagonal grid with 10 stitches to the inch.
1347 x 915mm
Margaret Wood
Velvet log cabin quilt. The background is black and the colours are shades of pale blue to royal blue, apple green to forest green, purple and a deep salmon. Original backing of artificial silk now replaced (1940s) with striped folk weave bedspread hand stitched on.
1860 x 1290mm