Pieced Repeat Block Quilts

Molly Palmer
Patchwork quilt with repeat blocks of Log Cabin pattern in cottons. One side of the square has blue fabrics, the other side has pink. Blocks are separated by a floral and a blue strip. The quilt is finished with a dark blue border on 2 sides, and a light and dark blue border on the other 2 sides. Dark blue binding around edge. Hand quilted with a cable pattern on the borders. Padding is probably synthetic. The quilt is backed.
Kay Jones
Quilt top with English piecing in a star in polygon pattern. English and French cotton fabrics in a wide variety of patterns and plains constructed over papers with the tacking still in tact. Papers are mainly part envelopes some with stamps and post dated 1898. 2200 x 1800mm
Western Australian Museum
The top of the quilt is squares of white fabric alternating with pieced pink and white blocks, with three borders of pink, white, pink. Heavily hand quilted, including circles and lines. The backing is cream and there is a glazed cotton machine sewn edging.
2480 x 2200mm
Western Australian Museum
Hand sewn quilt of mustard cotton printed with very small red and brown buds and 16 blocks of red and white patchwork. These are set on point with alternate squares of the mustard print. The backing is a single piece of red and white check, with a black border. It is hand quilted.
2480 x 2200mm
Muriel Thompson
Quilt is twelve pieced repeat blocks, each featuring a hand appliquéd lady with a parasol. Hand pieced and quilted. Each block has floral and solid fabrics. Cream background. Padding is cotton, and backing cream. This is probably a kit quilt. 2200 x 1700 mm.
National Trust of Australia (NSW)
Quilt pieced in silks and velvets in Log Cabin pattern, the blocks set side by side. There is a dark blue cotton velvet binding. The backing is machine quilted dark blue cotton, the machine quilting in diagonal and straight lines.
2080 x 1090mm
Jenny Martin
Repeat block in churn dash pattern. Machine stitched with design in a variety of patterned fabrics against a white background. 2 shades of mauve stripping separate the blocks. The quilt is very damaged and faded. The padding is cotton and the backing white cotton. It is hand quilted in 1/4 circles. 2000 x 1720mm
Annette Gero
Log Cabin quilt in silk, velvet, satins, ribbons, hand pieced and tied. 238 blocks and 6000 strips of material. There is a ruffle all around that is possibly a later addition.
1720 x 1520mm
Powerhouse Museum
"An unfinished quilt in traditional 'Pinwheel' pattern, handsewn with linen thread using the English method. The quilt is composed of sixteen large hexagonal blocks made up of square, diamond and triangular patches around a central hexagon. The central motifs and outer borders are of block printed floral and geometric patterned glazed cotton chintz, with plain white cotton chintz as the background. The patches still have their original paper templates in place; many of these are covered with handwritten numbers and are perhaps from a school exercise book. A collection of templates, patches and partially assembled blocks and pinwheels in the same chintz fabrics came with the quilt."
1565 x 1295mm
Nancy Dunlap
Double Irish chain set horizontally and vertically. Cotton, red on cream. The cream cotton backing is turned to the front for a border. Machine and hand pieced. Diagonal hand quilting. There is a padding of thin cotton. 1770 x 2250mm.
Annette Gero
Log cabin quilt made from wool pieces including some from army uniforms from World War 2. It is hand pieced and tied but not quilted. The padding is an army blanket.
2800 x 2400mm
Annette Gero
Hand pieced silk log cabin quilt. "The centre of this log cabin contains three ribbons, each with a crown, Queen Victoria and the date 1887. The four surrounding blocks contain the rose, the shamrock, the thistle and the leek, representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales." [Annette Gero]
2250 x 1680mm
Valerie Gorey
9 patch on point with cream and tiny red leaf block in between. Wide variety of dressmaking and shirting fabrics from the 1880s to 1890s including tartan and mourning cloths. Hand pieced and hand quilted in diagonal lines. The padding is cotton and the backing is cream or white muslin. 2110 x 1230mm.
La Dona Anick
Lone Star quilt constructed from plain and patterned materials. Hand pieced and hand quilted. There is no padding and the backing is cotton homespun. 1750 x 1700mm.
Valerie Rivers
Cathedral window pattern in hand stitched quilt. Multi coloured prints form the central windows on a calico base and surround. There is no padding and the backing is calico. 2270 x 1900mm.
Shari Jamieson
Quilt has Ohio Star with variations as the major design feature. Blocks are cream homespun and a variety of scrap fabrics. There are twenty pattern blocks, separated by strips of deep pink, tied with orange and yellow knitting wool. Padding is a blanket. Backing comprises many large fabric pieces including one depicting a scene of the River Seine in Paris. 2080 x 1730 mm.
Virginia DeFriest
Cotton quilt of pieced triangles placed to form pin wheels. Plain and patterned materials. Block construction. Padding is cotton wadding and the backing is plain white muslin. 1660 x 2220 mm
Shari Jamieson
Pieced repeat block in hexagons, hand pieced and hand quilted. The pattern is sometimes called 'Grandmother's Garden'. Hexagons are a combination of plain and printed cottons, with a background of cream hexagons, outlined with green diamonds. Padding is cotton batting and the backing is white homespun. 2500 x 2030 mm.
Valerie Gorey
"Very unusual flying geese/ocean waves variation, very individual quilt, made in a variety of indigo & white 'geese' with predominantly a red and white tiny flower pattern in between but also a number of other cream and white stripes & dots. Centre to each block is a cream muslin block, some appear to be inset. Hand pieced and hand quilted in triple tramline in plain block & 1" diagonal on rest of quilt. Outer border pieced several times and looks like maker ran out of fabric. 1/4" indigo and white binding. Approx. 1880-1890." [Valerie Gorey] The padding is cotton and the backing is cream or white muslin. 2210 x 1890mm.
Shari Jamieson
Cot quilt in Bow Tie variation (?) of pieced repeat blocks. The quilt is white homespun and a pink print with lambs. It is hand pieced and tied and has a pink backing. There is no padding. 1210 x 990 mm.