Pieced Repeat Block Quilts

Rosemary Brazelis
Square log cabin quilt of 16 blocks (4 x 4 rows) constructed mainly from cotton dress materials, flannels and woollens printed and plain. Machine construction (treadle sewing machine) with the pieces sewn on to cream cotton material. Later addition of polyester padding and cotton backing and the quilt tied off in each square with Perle cotton.
1030 x 1030mm
National Trust of Australia (SA)
Hand sewn unfinished quilt top in traditional log cabin pattern in mainly silks and velvets. The strips of material are approximately 7mm wide and the fine stitching, clearly visible on the back, is in silk thread.
1050 x 900mm
Carbethan Folk Museum
Patchwork quilt in a variation of Log Cabin. The materials are cotton and cotton velveteen. The backing is twill cotton ticking. There is no padding.
1499 x 1169mm.
Beverley Edmonds
Patchwork quilt in a variation of the 'Drunkard's Path' pattern, in cream and orange cotton. Cotton backing. Cotton padding. Hand quilted around patches, with a square quilted in the centre of each white square, and a cable pattern quilted in the cream and orange border. The quilt is edged with 'prairie points' (made from folded squares of fabric) in alternate orange and cream. Hand and machine sewn.
2210 x 1905mm
Valerie Rivers
Dresden Plate' quilt with scalloped edge. Made in traditional template method from multicoloured scraps of printed fabrics with counterpoint of turquoise cotton. The 'plates' are set into calico blocks. The backing is calico and the quilt is very finely hand quilted. 2290 x 1950mm
Margaret Wood
Velvet log cabin quilt. The background is black and the colours are shades of pale blue to royal blue, apple green to forest green, purple and a deep salmon. Original backing of artificial silk now replaced (1940s) with striped folk weave bedspread hand stitched on.
1860 x 1290mm
Jeanne Mims
Child's quilt. Top pieced in cotton squares in yellow, brown and cream. Backing is plain cream cotton. Padding is a thin layer of cotton. Binding on the edge is machined on and then hand stitched to the back. Hand quilted on a diagonal grid with 10 stitches to the inch.
1347 x 915mm
Gundagai Historical Museum
Patchwork quilt made of blocks in the Log Cabin pattern, in a 'Courthouse Steps' variation, which results in alternate bands across the quilt of dark and light. Silk and silk-like fabrics used. Padding is made from spun wool, backing is cotton satin and the quilt is edged with a pink cotton satin ruffle.
1300 x 1080mm
Simone Poznanski
Quilt in 90 x 29cm blocks of crazy patch. Each block is 10 pieces of multi-coloured printed scraps, many of Tahitian prints, some from family dresses. Machine stitched and pieced and overlain in large herringbone stitch in black. There is a 12 cm border in orange cotton and the backing is the same material. There is no padding. 2790 x 2270mm
Margaret Sheridan
Log Cabin quilt using scraps of cotton, silk, velvet, velveteen, machine pieced on to calico. The backing is cotton printed material. There is red fringing all around the quilt.
2261 x 1296mm
Margery Creek
All cotton quilt in 'Trip Around The World' pattern. Cottons range from coarse to finely woven and are in plain colours and patterns. There is a check binding. The quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted.. The backing is calico.
1778 x 1728mm
Margery Creek
Cotton quilt in pattern called 'Feathered Star'. Made in the USA. Hand pieced and hand quilted. The quilting is in a geometric and feather design. The padding is thin cotton.
2540 x 2490mm
The Embroiderers' Guild of S.A.Inc Museum
An Adelaide Chronicle bird quilt. Alternate squares of green and fawn headcloth embroidered with native birds in fawn squares, butterflies in outline, beige threads, in green squares. Bordered and backed with the same green fabric. It is padded.
2390 x 1530mm
Shari Jamieson
This is an American kit quilt. Quilt pattern is of square blocks in checkerboard with alternate blocks embroidered on homespun with a variety of individual birds, all machine-pieced. Alternate blocks are blue, each quilted with 'Rose of York' pattern. Backing is also of the same deep blue fabric; quilt is padded with fine cotton batting. 2200 x 1600 mm.
Margery Creek
Polyester/cotton pieced quilt in 'Double Wedding Ring' pattern. Made in the USA. Calico backing and polyester padding.
2819 x 2515mm
Di Tement
Leather buggy rug constructed from hundreds of squares each 60mm. There is a pink band of the same size squares 3 rows in from each border. There is no padding. The backing is a towelling type material. 1140 x 1700mm
Di Tement
Quilt consisting of log cabin blocks with a centre piece, 520 x 460mm, of crazy patchwork. Each log cabin block is individually done and each 'log' is stuffed with a mixture of fur (angora?) and wool. The crazy patchwork centre is heavily embroidered and embellished with shells, beads and sequins. 'Devonport' and '1895' are embroidered on separate patches. There is no backing.
960 x 1270mm
Red Cliffs Historical Society
30 squares of machined strips around a small centre square. Each square is light and dark and together they form diagonal light and dark strips across the quilt. Colours are teal, dusty pink, red, dark green, apricot. Materials are cottons, velvets, satins, corduroys and lame. There is a border of regency stripes and the backing is the same material. The padding is probably dacron.
1750 x 1700mm
Powerhouse Museum
" A small rectangular quilt made from 54 embroidered badges for school blazers. Most are from NSW schools and some of these are repeated; one is for a school in Suva, Fiji. The ground fabric of the badges is wool, in shades of dark blue, light blue, black and grey. The monograms are machine and hand embroidered with school crests and mottos in Latin and English; as the embroidery is not of a finished quality, it may be that the badges were either store samples or trial pieces. The quilt is machine pieced and is backed with dark cherry red wool that turns over to the right side to form a narrow border binding." [PHM] It is not padded.
1770 x 940mm
Marlene Boutwell
All cotton quilt of machine pieced repeat blocks with groups of hand appliqued tulips and green leaves that have faded to ecru. The blocks are sewn together in rows in a floating pattern. It is padded and quilted and there is a cotton backing.
1970 x 1760mm