Square Quilts

Jindera Pioneer Museum
Cot quilt. All cotton, deep blue, floral and cream pieces joined in squares and half squares. Machine sewn and quilted. Backing is cotton similar to sheeting, with a spot design. There is possibly thin padding.
1370 x 780 mm
Samford District Historical Museum Soc. Inc
Remnant piece of a patchwork quilt made from 50mm squares of cotton materials with larger pieces making the border. The material is thought to be lawn or handkerchief linen. It is hand sewn in a variety of stitches.
600 x 600mm
Di Tement
Leather buggy rug constructed from hundreds of squares each 60mm. There is a pink band of the same size squares 3 rows in from each border. There is no padding. The backing is a towelling type material. 1140 x 1700mm
Billie Briggs
One patch scrap quilt in a wide variety of cottons, patterned and plain. It is hand quilted. There is a muslin interlining and the backing is cotton. 2000 x 1750mm.
The front face of this quilt consists of rows of rectangles and squares of multicoloured prints pieced together. The fabrics are cotton and include a few early synthetics such as rayon, and all work is machined. The back is fully lined with an olive green moire synthetic fabric. The lining has been brought around to the front face of the quilt for approx 5cm to provide an edge border. The quilt is a wonderful showcase of the fabrics of the 20's and 30's." [NGA]
The quilt is not padded. 2160 x 1910 mm
The top is mainly squares of flannel machined together with patches of dress materials stitched randomly on top. There is no padding and the backing is calico. The top and backing are held together by a binding only. It is one of a pair.
2010 x 1680mm
Pauline Rogers
Machine constructed patchwork quilt of mainly cotton materials in squares. There is feather stitching as decoration along the seams. There is no padding and the backing is a wholecloth of gold damask like material.
2515 x 2312mm
Child's coverlet, made of woollen squares from suits and jackets.
980 x 700mm
Quilt, in 2 parts, made from samples of different coloured velvets. It has 2 layers and is machine made. It became too heavy to sew on a domestic sewing machine so was constructed in two separate pieces. There is no padding.
2370 x 1550mm and 2230 x 800mm
Patchwork quilt constructed of two panels, top and bottom, of squares in coloured fabrics with a single horizontal panel in the middle. Machine stitched. The backing is a black and white striped material similar to mattress ticking.
Embroiderers' Guild Victoria
This quilt has white cotton bands of hand quilting in between strips of squares in printed cotton, placed on the diagonal. The padding is cotton and there is a cotton backing.
2440 x 1940mm
Quilt top is of squares, approximately 180mm, made from a variety of fabrics including fine corduroy. It is hand pieced, and hand embroidered around each square with feather stitch, using blue embroidery cotton. 2380 x 2000 mm. 2380 x 2000 mm.
Machine sewn quilt made from 125mm squares of scraps left over from dressmaking joined in strips and then the strips joined. There is a border of fawn cotton and the backing is the same material. The padding is an old blanket and the border is padded with sheep's wool.
1400 x 925mm
Patchwork quilt made from squares in cotton fabrics, each piece 120mm square. Filling is a cotton blanket (army style), and the backing is a brushed cotton ticking with a wide green stripe and white, yellow and maroon stripes. Patches are decorated with white cotton herringbone stitch.
1750 x 1000mm
Handworked patchwork quilt. Pattern of squares as diamonds. Woollen materials.
1520 x 1520mm
Machine pieced patchwork top of Tailor's samples with a backing of patches of furnishing materials. There is no padding.
1930 x 1530mm
Crow's Nest and District Historical Society
Reversible quilt with an all over pattern of squares in printed cottons including cretonnes. Originally longer but it was shortened in 1980 by a member of the Crow's Nest and District Historical Society.
1702 x 1220mm
Patricia Galbraith
Fur fabric quilt made from scraps cut into squares and put together randomly. Colous are black, several greys, browns and some blacks and dark greys are astrakhan. There is no padding and the backing is a grey cotton bush blanket. The quilt is tied with buttons and wool.
1753 x 1251mm
The top is suit samples or remnants cut in squares and machined together. The centre panel is bordered with cotton tape. Each square is also bordered and forms a grid. There is no padding and the backing is a white cotton sheet with a floral pattern. It is hand stitched along the edges.
1500 x 1500mm