Quilt No.533YM - Yvonne Murray

Yvonne Murray
Yvonne Murray
NSW South East
Jess Bennett, Jessie Dunstan, Yvonne Murray
Made in
1941 - 1970
This quilt is a series of hand stitched suffolk puff flowers in various shades of blue linked by a red 'path'. There is no padding and no backing.
1650 x 1350mm

The suffolk puff flowers were stitched by Jess Bennett, grandmother of the present owner and Jessie Dunstan, mother of the present owner Yvonne Murray. Yvonne added the red path to link the flowers and completed the quilt so it was made by 3 generations of women.


The individual suffolk puff flowers made by Jessie Dunstan and Jess Bennett lay neglected in chests and cupboards until Yvonne's sister gave them to her and suggested she make pot holders from them. The finished quilt was the result.


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