Mosaic Quilts

Mary Holland
Strip of hexagons with paper templates still in place in the outside row. Mainly small prints. All hand stitched.
4090 x 120mm
Di Tement
Leather buggy rug constructed from hundreds of squares each 60mm. There is a pink band of the same size squares 3 rows in from each border. There is no padding. The backing is a towelling type material. 1140 x 1700mm
Jewel Y. Hide
Hexagon shaped cover in cottons, rayons, linens and seersuckers. Central hexagon motif surrounded by 6 groups of hexagons. In fill is also hexagons. Red patterned hexagon border. The backing is calico. There is no padding. Embroidered on the back is ' D.Channells, Coffs HBR, 1961'.
1860 x 1650mm
Jean Fidler
Part quilt or wall hanging constructed from hexagons in a type of silk. The hexagons are hand sewn and placed in diagonal lines.
1500 x 480mm
Norma Irvin
Cotton quilt made of octagons with sides measuring 30mm. Material is in various colours and textures in plain, print, stripe and spots. The solid colour blocks are placed in diagonal lines and the patterned ones at random. Hand stitched at 20 stitches to the inch. There is no padding. The backing is cotton headcloth folded to the front, corners mitred then stitched to quilt following outline of octagons.
1150 x 720mm
Regina Murphy
Denim squares approx 9cm (square) machined together and handstitched to backing sheet. Each square is appliqued individually using natural and synthetic (few) materials. Applique both machined and hand stitched. Backing is unbleached calico.
2280 x 1310mm
Virginia DeFriest
Called an 'Easter Egg' pattern by the owner. Whole quilt is pieced from the same small shapes in printed and plain cottons. It is all hand stitched. The padding is cotton wadding and the backing plain white muslin. 2220 x 1840 mm
Billie Briggs
One patch scrap quilt in a wide variety of cottons, patterned and plain. It is hand quilted. There is a muslin interlining and the backing is cotton. 2000 x 1750mm.
Marie Colbron Conroy
Quilt of 70mm hexagons forming rosettes. Satin material in plain colours. Background is several shades of grey. There is a 135mm silver grey border that is mitred and returns to the back. There is no padding. The backing is a darker grey. The quilt is signed by the maker and dated.
1870 x 1350mm
Gail Hansen
All over pattern of hexagons formed into rosettes or 'flowers' in a pattern known as 'Grandmother's Flower Garden'. Hand sewn and hand quilted 5mm around hexagons. Materials are muslins, scraps of dress materials and flour 'sacks'. It has cotton padding and muslin backing.
2230 x 1650mm
Rita Ruchel
Quilt of cotton diamond shaped pieces feather stitched together with the pieces slightly overlapping. There is no padding and the backing is a light white cotton
1900 x 1060mm
Upper Murray Historical Society
This patchwork quilt in the Tumbling Block pattern is hand sewn from silks. The quilt has a border of elongated hexagons outlined with black silk fabric, the gaps betweewn each black edged hexagon filled with a triangle. The edge of the patchwork has been tacked on to a white material backing. The papers behind each patch are old docket books from 'The Great Northern Railway'
1829 x 1220mm
Machine sewn quilt made from 125mm squares of scraps left over from dressmaking joined in strips and then the strips joined. There is a border of fawn cotton and the backing is the same material. The padding is an old blanket and the border is padded with sheep's wool.
1400 x 925mm
Single bed patchwork quilt made of rectangular or oblong patches in various colours in mainly floral patterns. Along each side and across the bottom of the quilt are strips of black piping 1" in width and approx. 1 foot in from the edge. The filling is old blankets, and the backing is blue cotton.
National Museum of Australia
Handsewn patchwork quilt in a mosaic pattern of squares and pentagons. Patches are in very bright coloured print and plain cottons, with 'filler' squares of beige cotton. Quilt is machine stitched to a backing of apricot cotton. There is no padding.
2980 x 1655mm
Quilt, in 2 parts, made from samples of different coloured velvets. It has 2 layers and is machine made. It became too heavy to sew on a domestic sewing machine so was constructed in two separate pieces. There is no padding.
2370 x 1550mm and 2230 x 800mm
Patchwork quilt with hexagonal panels of cotton printed with floral and geometric patterns in browns, creams, blues and pinks and with a chinoiserie border. The backing is cream calico.
2720 x 2660mm
"All handsewn. Quilt in fragile condition. Hexagonal patches in blocks of 19 patches & joined together with diamond and triangle patches. All patches recycled cotton material. The centre patch is one material, the 6 patches around are another material and the surrounding 12 are white sheeting. The diamonds and triangles are pale blue. No padding. Cotton sheeting backing. Patches sewn onto a ? old cotton ? damask weave tablecloth or bedspread. This is woven in strips. The backing sewn on."
[K.D.H.S.1997] 2500 x 2450mm
Helen Sparkman
Patchwork quilt made of hexagon patches from satin scraps. Hexagons are in solid colours and joined to make rosettes. Hand sewn.
1800 x 1025mm
Patchwork Quilt, silk patchwork on one side with dark ground, constructed of five pieces joined to form a floral motif. The reverse is quilted pink silk. The padding is cotton.
2700 x 2400mm