A small museum with a very comprehensive display of historical photos relevant to Yamba's history, some working models (eg. the lighthouse, the railway which was used to build Yamba's breakwater walls), some artefacts and a large quantity of reading material (newspaper cuttings, historical books etc).850 historical artefacts; 300 books; over 1,000 photographs, plus ten photograph albums and ten volumes of newspaper cuttings
The NSW Lancers Memorial Museum commemorates the history of the NSW Lancers, Australian Light Horse, Cavalry and the Armoured Corps. Situated in 19th Century Lancer Barracks, the Museum has a large collection of cavalry and armoured corps memorabilia including a well maintained collection of armoured vehicles. The Museum contains New South Wales Cavalry and Light Horse memorabilia as well as memorabilia, photographic equipment and vehicles from the Royal Australian Armoured Corp.The collection has many strengths. It includes uniforms, saddlery, banners, drums, photos, models and armoured...
Fairfield City Museum and Gallery consists of a museum with a permanent local history exhibition, a historical village, a temporary exhibition gallery and a community access space. The historic village, complete with soundscapes, brings to life Western Sydney from 1900 to the 1930s, with reconstructed and heritage buildings, including a schoolhouse, a slab hut, a weatherboard cottage, a blacksmith's shop, a motor garage, The Biz newspaper printery and Wheatley's Store. The temporary exhibition gallery and community access space host exhibitions representing the diverse cultures of Fairfield...
The front building of the Museum was originally used as a house dating from 1842. It is the only remaining house building in the CBD area of Port Macquarie from that era.
All artefacts on display show development from convict beginnings to early settlement from the 1840s. Displays at the museum include; a 'street of shops' depicting life as it was in the 1800s and a prize-winning costume collection. The museum has been in operation for over 40 years and is the winner of awards for best museum.More than 20,000 items collected over a period of 40 years. Artefacts from all aspects of Port...
The Australian Credit Union Archives collects, records and maintains material of historical and archival importance to the Australian Credit Union Movement. An Archivist, Administrative Staff and Volunteers staff its office.170 shelf metres
Buildings include; the old lockup and residence (1870) which houses the museum; and the Sergeant's Residence which is the research centre. Next door is the old Court House (pre 1900). The society researches and publishes historical material relevant to Scone and district, creates special exhibitions (Australia Day, Horse Festival) and collects material relevant to the district.Estimated 20,000 objects plus records and photographs.
The Museum building dates back to C1871 when James Campbell Duff built a general store. The building is the oldest commercial premises in Wingham.Local History as seen in photos, farm equipment, hospital equipment, home life, education, good living, music and wartime. Also a collection of Local and Family History Archives.
The Museum of the Riverina has two impressive sites. The first is situated in the former Historic Council Chambers, built in 1881, and converted in 1998 to function as a museum facility. This site is used as a meeting venue - in the former chamber - and as a venue for hosting a regular program of travelling exhibitions.

The second site, adjacent to the Botanic Gardens, was formerly run by the Wagga Wagga & District Historical Society, and opened in 1965. The site was renovated and reopened in September 2001 and contains internal exhibitions and a number of outbuildings. The newly renovated...
The College of Nursing archival collection contains records pertaining to the college, the development of nursing in Australia as well as individual nurses and other nursing organisation records.The collection consists of mostly paper records and photographs and a large nursing badge collection.
The museum complex consists of four historical buildings: the old Court House, the R.S.L. Hall, Boyd's (fishing) Shed and the Deck House of the drogher 'Terranora'. The museum's collection is housed in the Soldiers Memorial Hall and contains an interesting array of maritime artifacts and photographs.

The old Court House contains the Resource Centre which has a rapidly growing collection of historical material available to the public. The Court House also contains the Photographic Gallery which has an impressive array of old prints of the Tweed and Twin Towns area.The museum's collection...
Australian Jewish Records - archival (organisations and individual), periodicals, tapes, photos, indexed newspaper clippings and microform.The collection contains archives and records of Australian Jewish organisations and individuals.
The Museum was the old Muttaburra Hospital. Half of the Museum is a medical museum (as it was); the other half focuses on the local area, displaying the history of Muttaburra and places of interest.Approximately 1200 items and approximately 200 photographs
The building was a Bicentennial gift to Nundah. Volunteers from the Nundah and Districts Historical Society maintain records (photographs, maps, documents etc.) of the area from Virginia to Breakfast Creek and from Nundah east to Moreton Bay. The Society and the Centre promote within the community a knowledge of the history and heritage of this area, through a program of displays at the Centre and local festivals.
This extensive collection of local and Darling Downs history features a large display of memorabilia. The Allora and District Historical Society also has a second museum, the Old Shire Hall. This is located on the corner of Forde and Warwick streets. It provides facilities for reading and research as well as special displays. The Museum is open on the 4th Saturday in each month as well as by appointment. Admission is also $1.50.Approximately 10,000 items and 2,500 photographs
John Flynn Place houses the Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum. It contains memorabilia of John Flynn, the Australian Inland Mission etc. The Fred McKay Art Gallery houses major works including prize winners from the Ernst Henry Memorial Art Show. The complex also contains the Alfred Traeger Cultural Centre and the Allan Vickers Outdoor Theatre.There are 3 levels in the Museum Building. Ground floor: John Flynn Gallery with memorabilia on John Flynn and the Flying Doctor Service. Downstairs you will find the Radio Gallery, with original Pedal Wireless plus photographs, radios, first aid...

1892 Country Post Office and Residence, furnished country Dance Hall, large lace collection, household requirements used from the turn of the 20th Century, early 1900 farm implements, Blacksmith shop and tools, cheese making equipment, World War 2 memorabilia, shepherds hut, country school building and much, much moreLarge lace collection, World War II Memorabilia, photographs, farm machinery, circa 1900 buildings, picnic area, BBQ, Cheese making equipment, Blacksmith shop and tools.

The Museum consists of an old head teacher's residence transported to the site; a railway station building similar to the old Samford railway station; a hand-cut weather-board cream shed transported from a farm to the site; an old slab kitchen donated to the Museum and re-constructed in the grounds; laundry attached to kitchen and a machinery shed partly built with old slabs and original old cow bails. Each building displays relevant furniture, utensils, tools and goods donated by local residents. On permanent loan from the Queensland Museum is the diorama of the Samford Aboriginal Bora...
The Museum displays Wondai Shire's history through artefacts from the early 1900s. Some of these include a 1934 Dennis fire engine, an Australia Remembers cabinet, bottle collection, steam traction engine, a hospital operating theatre, shingle barn, manual telephone exchange, petrol pump, church organ 1916, film projection equipment plus numerous farm machinery, equipment and other items.Approximately 8,500 items including photographic boards.
The Society maintains a sandstone cottage, built c.1870, which features furniture and household items representing more than 130 years of family life in the district. Collections of photographs, historical items, farming equipment, vehicles and machinery are displayed. Several buildings have been relocated on the site, including a church, slab hut, overseers cottage and an emporium building. A printing display includes presses and associated items from the Warwick Daily News.15,000 items
Cottage crafts, pottery, fibre making, education and schools, historic homes and rural buildings, local history, community groups ie. Riding for disabled, rural farm, steam machinery, rainforest walk.The park comprises an historical village of many acres, including restored and replica buildings of the Shire, steam and fire museums, potters, blacksmiths, rural farm, bush poetry, Sunday Markets, Australian education experience for students and accommodation for 100.