Pieced Random Quilts

Diane Kern Hamilton
Crazy quilt made in 3 sections. Fabrics are wools, cottons, velvets and silks and there are some silk chintzes. All the seams have been stitched with either wool, silk or cotton using either herringbone stitch or other decorative stitches such as sun bursts and daisies. A few black pieces have been embroidered eg. an umbrella, pansies, a red butterfly. There is no padding and the backing is cotton in a small houndstooth pattern. 2040 x 1700mm.
Dorothy Cawood
Utility quilt. Random piecing with borders. Reused materials from furnishings and clothing uncluding wool, tweed, cotton, suiting. The backing is mattress ticking and the padding is an old sheet.
1850 x 1500mm
Jeanette and Ian Hahn
Crazy quilt or wall hanging in mainly silks and velvets with elaborate decorative stitching over seams and embellishment with beads, braids, lace and crochet There are paisley and flower patterns and a central area with diagonally opposite patterns. At one border is an embroidered and patchwork grape leaf design with five leaves and a bunch of grapes of velvet covered material. Braided piping is around the entire edge. It is not padded. There is a cotton backing.
1480 x 810mms
Di Tement
Quilt consisting of log cabin blocks with a centre piece, 520 x 460mm, of crazy patchwork. Each log cabin block is individually done and each 'log' is stuffed with a mixture of fur (angora?) and wool. The crazy patchwork centre is heavily embroidered and embellished with shells, beads and sequins. 'Devonport' and '1895' are embroidered on separate patches. There is no backing.
960 x 1270mm
Annette Gero
9 separate blocks of Crazy patchwork with velvet borders and sashings. Materials are mainly silks and satins and there is some embroidery.
1940 x 1600mm
Mrs Noleen Carthew
A pictorial quilt entitled 'A Farmer's Home'. Wool, squares and oblongs pieced randomly. On these are appliqued pieces depicting aspects of family and farm life including the farm house, washing on the line, sheep, cattle, kangaroos. It is all hand sewn apart from the backing which is machined directly on to the top. The backing is red paisley cotton.
2090 x 1600mm
Anne Gardener
Quilt made of woollen dressmaking scraps, patterned and plain, stitched to an army issue demob blanket, grey with white stripes. Pieces are featherstitched in red and yellow broder cotton. The quilt was edged with red cotton fabric machine zig zagged in place.
1462 x 966mm
Crazy quilt with one large panel. Materials include wools, velvets, silks and crepes. Each piece embroidered in herrigbone stitch to the adjoining piece. 25mm blue border chain stitched on, then 75mm border of black wool crepe with a crocheted edge. The padding is an old blanket and the backing is red/brown printed cotton.
1730 x 1040mm
Log cabin quilt with 90mm squares in cotton materials, white (or cream), faded blacks, dark blues, reds and browns. All the strips are very narrow. No actual padding as such but the quilt is fairly thick because with such narrow strips, there is so much seam allownace. The backing is a light calico.
1715 x 1575mm
Jean East
Doll's quilt of crazy patchwork of cotton fabrics including handkerchiefs, mainly in checks and stripes, in pinks, yellow, blues and black, stitched to a cotton backing with herringbone stitch in embroidery thread in brown, light brown, and white..
327 x 320mm
Domestic Wagga made from bags with a top of irregular patches of cotton material, mainly from dress scraps, and a backing of calico.
1578 x 1094mm
Crazy patchwork quilt made from pieces of velvets, plush and corduroy, in prints and plain. Patches are sewn directly on to a backing with feather and herringbone stitches in pearl thread. Quilt has a 1/2 inch binding of black velvet. Backing is a pea green cotton twill. One of the patches has the dates 1909 - 1948 embroidered on it.
920 x 920mm
Migration Museum
Crazy patchwork quilt of silk and cotton fabrics in velvets and brocades, with surface embroidery and appliqued motifs, and many seams embroidered, in a variety of stitches. Some metal thread embroidery. Centre patch has embroidered initials "F B". Quilt has been constructed from 30cm squares of crazy patwork which have been joined in bands and then stitched together in rows. Quilt has a border 12cm wide of red velvet. Backing (replaced backing) is of deep pink cotton, machine quilted. Hand and machine sewing.
1700 x 1430mm
"This patchwork is pieced from twelve contained panels of Crazy Patchwork. Each panel is formed of rich silks of various weaves and textures couched on to a calico ground, each patch overlaid to create interesting 'artistic' shapes and contrasts. The rug is backed with gold polished cotton and bordered in blue and green cotton to three edges, maroon to the fourth. Embroidery in several colours, but predominantly gold, is used to advantage in the variety of stitches which define the edges of the pieces, and occasionally on the patches themselves."
[Historic Houses Trust ' Sydney Quilt Stories' catalogue]
1880 x 1500mm
Jenny Loder and Rosemary Hart
Log cabin quilt with logs made from silks (including moire), velvets, brocades and tartan ribbons. Each square is separately backed. There is no padding.
2020 x 1460mm
Large cot size or single bed quilt with the top of different size and shaped pieces arranged in a random fashion. The padding is old blankets stitched together and the backing is floral cotton.
2100 x 1400mm (approx)
Helen Sparkman
Patchwork quilt made from very large pieces of cotton material on one side, with a 100mm yellow border, and on the other side it is almost entirely blue flannelette.
1660 x 1400mm
Patchwork quilt made from pieces of bright cotton fabric sewn on to an old folded blanket. Backing is a piece of cotton fabric. Machine sewn on a Wertheim hand sewing machine .
2100 x 1400mm
Crazy patchwork quilt in silks and velvets. Some patches with embroidered flowers, including wattle, worked in chenille thread. Machine quilting. There is a border of velvet. The backing is silk and has an envelope opening edged with silk cord. There is no padding. There is a matching nightgown sachet.
Patchwork quilt consisting of 40 squares, with 8 rectangles along one side. Each square is covered with a random number of diagonal strips sewn one over the other onto a backing. Number of strips varies from 15 to 19. Variety of coloured materials, plain and patterned. Strips are hand sewn on to mainly white backing. Top edge is bound with self patterned pink satin, added at a later date by machine.
2090 x 1400mm