Patchwork Quilts

Shari Jamieson
Quilt is of white homespun background with all-over 'double wedding-ring' design, constructed from a variety of prints. Minimally quilted with leaves and daisies. Backing is of the same white homespun, padding is of very fine cotton batting. 1900 x 1630 mm.
Christina Hallett
A cotton quilt of 10,000 suffolk puffs made from scraps of dress materials from the 1920s. 75mm circles have been gathered in to half this size and then the circles stitched completely around. The circles around the edge are formed into rosettes and each has a black suffolk puff centre.
3400 x 3020mm
Fran Williams
All cotton frame quilt with 6 borders. Extensively hand quilted. The backing is cream cotton. There is no padding.
1840 x 2440mm
Beverly Downing
Hand stitched quilt in repeat hexagon pattern in calico and headcloth. There is no padding and the backing is calico. 1740 x 1050mm
Fran Williams
Double sided frame quilt. All cotton. Extensive hand quilting, cables, overlapping circles and a large circular quilting design in the centre. The padding is a cream and blue blanket. It is very heavy.
1810 x 2140mm
Sue Thomson
Patchwork quilt in the Log Cabin pattern, with a variation where the centre square is pieced from a dark and light triangle. Used materials make up the strips, and include cottons, velvet, bombazine, men's trouser fabric, and the quilt has a handmade lace border. Pieces of red cloth stand out. Strips are machine stitched onto a backing made from flour bags. There is no padding. Backing is made of crazy patchwork with feather stitch on some seams. Machine sewn.
1470 x 1070mm
Mavis Fryer
Quilt top in Bow Tie pattern incorporating floral and printed feed sacks and sugar and flour bags. There are embroidered names indicating it is an unfinished friendship quilt. 2010 x 1710mm.
Tamworth Historical Society Inc
Patchwork quilt made from cotton hexagon patches constructed in the 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' pattern. The rosettes are set in horizontal rows with cream 'paths' between. The quilt is edged with a border, 21cm wide, of blue and white striped cotton in a trianglur pattern. No padding.
2591 x 2160mm
Joyce Lannin
Machine made quilt with 4 log cabin squares joined to make a larger square. Materials are all scraps from family dressmaking. There is no padding and the backing is unbleached calico. 2270 x 2030 mm
Jill Scheetz
Quilt made from 'blue bags' joined as small squares in rows. Approximately 180 blue bags in total. There is a frill around all sides.
Maureen Brazzica
Quilt constructed from seven strips of different sized rectangular pieces of scrap curtain materials. There is a cross border at each end and an edge of floral cotton all around. Most of the seams are overseen in herringbone stitch. There is no padding and the backing is brushed cotton. 1500 x 1000mm.
National Trust of Australia (VIC)
Hand sewn quilt of cotton hexagons placed to form rosettes or 'flowers'' each unit is 6 hexagons and one in the centre. There is a border, based on squares, around the quilt. In the centre of a rosette in the middle of the quilt 'E.L.1798' is embroidered in grey cotton in cross stitch. The backing is cotton.
2600 x 2400mm
National Trust of Australia (WA)
Quilt of hexagons with a centre motif and continuous borders of hexagons and rosettes surrounding the centre. Quilt is of cotton dress and furnishing materials in red, green, yellow, purple, blue, pink and light brown, mostly florals, with some plains, stripes, dots and checks. It is hand sewn. There is no padding and the backing is calico.
2370 x 1895mm
Nell Bell
"Side I basically blue & brown tones. Materials a mixture of velvets & cotton (all washable) pattern random squares and few oblongs - dictated by material available. Material from children's clothes & pieces left over from clothes makng also pieces given to me by neighbours.
Side II basically orange red & purple tones again squares & oblongs at random dictated shapes & sizes by materials available, made from worn out clothes & pieces left over from clothes making, also pieces given to me by neighbours. Padding an old commercial quilt given to me."
1829 x 915mm
Griffith Pioneer Park Museum
The top is squares machined together in strips and then the strips joined. The squares are multi coloured and mainly in fleecy cotton. The backing is a checked cotton. The bindings are in the checked cotton on 2 sides and a purple and green cotton on the other 2. There is no padding.
1060 x 940mm
Annette Gero
Machine stitched quilt with the top constructed from men's woollen suiting pieces.There are many repairs and the cream patches are recent additions. The padding is layers of blanket pieces. The quilt is very heavy.
1800 x 1600mm
Dubbo Museum & Historical Society Inc
Frame quilt with central square of floral patterned chintz with a yellow background, surrounded by borders of squares and rectangular pieced fabrics, dark pieces mostly alternating with light. It is hand pieced and flat quilted.
Fran Williams
Hand pieced cotton quilt in Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. Shirtings, chintzes, roller prints. 240mm ruffle in paisley pattern on 3 sides, probably a later addition. The backing is a heavy Indian cotton possibly also put on later. There is no quilting at all. There is no padding.
2000 x 2240mm
Glenis Steel
The quilt is made from upholstery scarps machined together in a random pattern. Pieces are mainly rectangles and squares. Materials include velvet and moquette. The backing is also pieces of upholstery material in browns and greys. There is no padding.
1850 x 1150mm
National Trust of Australia (WA)
Hand sewn crazy patchwork quilt, mainly cottons with some rayon and one nylon patch, mostly dress materials with some furnishing cottons. All seams are embroidered in feather stitch in blue embroidery thread stitched through to a calico backing. 3 sides have a wide border of mid green cotton machine stitched on.
2240 x 1670mm