Patchwork Quilts

Valerie Gorey
Quilt in traditional Bow Tie pattern. Hand pieced and hand quilted with a wide variety of late 1930-1940 dress fabrics. The central block is cream homespun with the outline of the bow ties quilted. The padding is cotton and the backing is yellow muslin. 2080 x 1830mm.
Art Gallery of South Australia
Patchwork crazy quilt in silks, cotton and velvet has an appliquéd golden brown velvet star with black points in the centre. All seams have embroidery, mainly herringbone or feather stitch. The outer border is a light tan velvet. Quilt has a variety of appliquéd and embroidered motifs, including horseshoes, tennis rackets, kettle, cross tombstone, butterflies, hearts and an emu. Backing unknown. Handsewn.
2025 x 2680mm
Kathleen White
Patchwork quilt (one of a pair) made from hexagons in cottons, rayon, and taffeta, to fit a single bed. The quilt has a pleated ruffle or flounce of pale green fabric. Patchwork machine sewn onto backing, flounce sewn by machine.
Suffolk Puff quilt made from early 20th century dress fabrics, mainly cottons in a wide variety of patterns.
2005 x 1525mm
National Trust of Australia (SA)
Patchwork quilt made from silks in hexagon shapes with dark silk triangles in between the hexagons. The centre of the quilt has a star design with an embroidered hexagon with six star points, with diamonds and hexagons, surrounded by a border of dark coloured diamonds on a cream ground. The quilt is edged with deep single scallops in alternate dark blue and white each with an appliqued six point star with a hexagon centre.
Batlow Historical Society
Quilt of hand sewn mosaic patchwork, with square and lozenge shapes (5cm square in centre with 4 lozenges each side, lozenges 9cm x 4cm). The top has been folded down the middle and joined along 3 edges and whipstitched together, so that the quilt has one straight long side, and 3 sides with lozenge edge. Fabrics are richly coloured satin, grosgrain, silk, silk pinwhale corduroy, plain and prints.
1970 x 870mm
Valerie Gorey
Hand pieced quilt top in 1930s calicos and homespuns. Begun as a friendship quilt with a number of names on blocks embroidered in different coloured threads. The present owner has added padding and a backing and intends to hand quilt. 2070 x 1800mm.
Derene McGregor
Tumbling Block quilt constructed over papers in the English method. Some papers are still inside the quilt including envelopes and stationery headers with dates '99 and 1898. The blocks are in a variety of silks and brocade fabrics, primarily black with rich purples and some pinks. There are stripes, tartans and small prints. The quilt has a border of 20cm hand made lace with a twisted cord between the quilt and lace. There is no padding and the backing is rust coloured cotton with a small black stripe. 1750 x 1550mm
Batlow Historical Society
Quilt top of log cabin blocks in white and faded blue cotton twill. The blocks are joined so that the blue sections meet. The blocks are backed with flannel, and the quilt is edged with blue binding, machine and hand sewn.
2050 x 1860mm
Diane Kern Hamilton
"Afro-American quilt. Is Monkey Wrench pattern entirely hand sewn. Fabrics used are all mostly bold cottons eg. stripes, bold bright florals, and patterns which were probably left- over dress-making fabrics. No two blocks are the same. The Afro-American style is linear so as each block was made a piece of sashing was stitched on until there was a long row. Long strips of sashing were then used to join all the long rows of blocks together. The sashing is dark brown and white plaids and stripes. Sashing is a little uneven as all the blocks are not exactly the same size. There are 30 blocks.
Quilt was bought by the present owner as a quilt top so she has added a plain calico border to distinguish the addition from the original. She then added wadding and a backing and tied it with thick crochet cotton." [Joy Hill Quilt Historian WAQA] 2070 x 1710mm
Batlow Historical Society
Cotton blocks set on point embroidered in satin stitch, all blocks embroidered with pattern of bearded irises in pale lemon, green, white. Alternate blocks battenburg-style cotton-lace stitched together linking blocks. Cotton torchon lace edging.
2020 x 1950mm
Diane Boynes
Quilt top in 38mm hexagons set in straight rows surrounded by cream hexagons with an odd coloured hexagon in middle of cream row. Papers have been removed. Fabrics are 1920s and 1930s. There is no padding. 1700 x 1000mm
Junee & District Historical Society
Pure silk hand sewn Tumbling Block quilt incorporating a great variety of silks in plains, florals and stripes. The backing is large rectangles of striped silks or polished cottons. It is hand quilted in a simple square cross hatch.
790 x 1470mm
Charlotte Nattey
The quilt top combines various scarps of silk in an informal pattern of flowers made from individual silk petals with a large flower in the centre. There is crazy patchwork in between the flowers. The pieces are sewn on with feather stitch, blanket stitch and satin stitch. There is a 37cm ruffle on the two long sides. There is no padding and the backing is silk.
2140 x 1550mm
Shari Jamieson
Cot quilt, repeat block in Bow Tie variation (?). White homespun and pink print with animals. It is hand pieced and tied. The padding is white flannelette and the backing is pale blue homespun. 1130 x 970 mm.
National Museum of Australia
The quilt is made from rows of rectangles stitched together and then the strips joined. Materials are cotton and wool. The backing is a faded green cotton print. There is a different coloured binding along each edge.
1805 x 1270mm
Annette Gero
Small quilt probably made for a child's doll or for a pram. It is entirely made of white broderie anglais pieced in a crazy patchwork style. There is a wide lace border around the quilt.
740 x 580mm
Batlow Historical Society
Quilt of log cabin blocks, hand pieced on to foundation fabric of white cotton. Each block consists of 4 logs per side, in 1cm strips, with 3cm centres. Blocks are mostly divided into dark and light prints, with red, blue, white, pink predominating, and dark colours meeting together. The outside log on each side is turned over to the back and stitched to the foundation fabric, then squares are stitched together. Cotton fabrics, shirting and twills.
1990 x 1600mm
Fran Williams
All cotton frame quilt with 6 borders. Extensively hand quilted. The backing is cream cotton. There is no padding.
1840 x 2440mm
Fran Williams
Double sided frame quilt. All cotton. Extensive hand quilting, cables, overlapping circles and a large circular quilting design in the centre. The padding is a cream and blue blanket. It is very heavy.
1810 x 2140mm