Patchwork Quilts

Bud and Patricia Ford
Cotton quilt made from a wide variety of scraps, patterned and plain, in rectangles and squares. Machine construction with white cotton lining.
2185 x 1829mm
Cecelia Clarke
Infant's quilt of diamond pieces in a random pattern made from floral polished cottons in green, blue and white. There is a floral border and binding, no padding and the backing is a polyester pre quilted material. The quilt is hand pieced using the English piecing method.
900 x 900mm
Kerrie Maloney
Quilt made of hexagons of Chinese silk brocades in different designs and colourways. The seams of the hexagons have been overstitched in black thread in herringbone stitch. There is a wool padding and a backing of silk.
1931 x 1524mm
Jindera Pioneer Museum
Cot quilt. All cotton, deep blue, floral and cream pieces joined in squares and half squares. Machine sewn and quilted. Backing is cotton similar to sheeting, with a spot design. There is possibly thin padding.
1370 x 780 mm
Gundagai Historical Museum
Patchwork quilt made of blocks in the Log Cabin pattern, in a 'Courthouse Steps' variation, which results in alternate bands across the quilt of dark and light. Silk and silk-like fabrics used. Padding is made from spun wool, backing is cotton satin and the quilt is edged with a pink cotton satin ruffle.
1300 x 1080mm
Laurel Thompson
Quilt made of squares and rectangles of woollen fabric (coating material) in plain, check and woven patterns, in dark bright colours. The backing is a grey wool blanket and the quilt is bound by a light cotton fabric which has frayed. Machine stitched.
1910 x 1530mm
Maria Finlayson
Crazy patch with frame centre set on point; worked in silks. Surrounding area pieced mainly in velvets and corduroys, with some more silks. A wide border of bright turquoise corduroy. Seams are covered with feather stitch. Quilt includes boy sout badge, union jack badge, Indian type medallion and initials 'IOR' in metallic thread. There is no padding and it is backed with green gingham.
1730 x 1325mm
Euroa and District Historical Society
Unfinished square quilt top in hexagon rosettes. Papers have been removed but some tacking threads remain. 1896 is embroidered on one hexagon.
2470 x 2470mm
National Trust of Australia (SA)
Hand sewn unfinished quilt top in traditional log cabin pattern in mainly silks and velvets. The strips of material are approximately 7mm wide and the fine stitching, clearly visible on the back, is in silk thread.
1050 x 900mm
Benalla & District Historical Society
Patchwork quilt, handsewn, with centre section made from hexagons, in red solid and prints, and green, blue and black prints and checks. The centre hexagonal section has sides measuring 420mm. The rest of the quilt is of cream cotton with stars,hearts and other motifs appliqued, and finished with a wide border with 3 narrow red stripes. At a later date it was backed with white damask and machined in 25mm squares, the edges also sewn by machine. No padding.
2500 x 1780mm
Kathy Allam
"A crazy quilt, but even more crazy because each piece of fabric is stuffed with cotton wool. "[Kathy Allam] The quilt has cotton backing, and the seams are embroidered with a decorative feather stitch. Fabrics are plains and prints, most of the prints are florals. The main colours are yellows, blues, pinks, soft greens and dark browns and black, with a light blue/green binding and edge.
Kristine Gray
Machined pieced quilt in random shapes of squares and rectangles. Made in one piece and then doubled over. Materials are mainly corduroys and wools with a large square of boucle. There is no quilting and no padding as the quilt is heavy and warm without it.
1680 x 1020
Miles Historical Village & Museum
Patchwork quilt made from hexagon patches and pieces cut to the shape of a rosette of 7 hexagons. Fabrics are cottons and crimplene, all hand sewn. Quilt is reversible. Colours are a mixture of dark and light, with plain fabrics, and florals, stripes, spots and geometrics. No padding. The back is the same as the front.
2007 x 1499mm
Sally Mitchell
Crazy quilt of mainly synthetic dress materials. Top stitched by machine on to a mattress ticking base.
1450 x 1150mm
Fran Williams
Hexagon quilt top of predominantly roller print cottons. Pieced over newspapers (English) with some still inside dated to early 1880s. The owner commented on the way the maker has used the prints to form secondary designs. Possible later additions around the edges.
1760 x 2150mm
Annette Gero
Wool and flannel quilt, hand pieced and tied. There are 2 log cabin blocks in the centre, also some crazy patchwork blocks and some consisting of strips. Each separate block is attached to a backing material with feather stitch and the backing for the whole quilt is blue and white striped flannel. There is a plain dark border. The quilt is tied with red cotton in many places. Shirt and nightwear materials are included in the top.
2200 x 1730mm
Margery Creek
All cotton quilt in 'Trip Around The World' pattern. Cottons range from coarse to finely woven and are in plain colours and patterns. There is a check binding. The quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted.. The backing is calico.
1778 x 1728mm
Fran Williams
Mainly cotton top and backing, some silks and satins. Machine construction. Patches, mainly rectangles, joined in strips and then the strips joined to form the top. The back is a similar construction but larger pieces. The padding is made from lots of hand and machine knitted woollen pieces, including jumpers. It is very heavy. It is not quilted. It is not used. The owner calls it a Wagga.
1200 x 1630mm
Shari Jamieson
This is an American kit quilt. Quilt pattern is of square blocks in checkerboard with alternate blocks embroidered on homespun with a variety of individual birds, all machine-pieced. Alternate blocks are blue, each quilted with 'Rose of York' pattern. Backing is also of the same deep blue fabric; quilt is padded with fine cotton batting. 2200 x 1600 mm.
Fran Williams
Double sided frame quilt. One side has 4 patch triangular design in the centre and then 8 borders. The other side, probably the back, has 8 or 9 borders and the outer one is a very uneven border of blue floral. Mainly cotton materials with a little flannelette. It is not bound. The edges are butted and top sewed. There is a lot of quilting. The padding appears to be an old blanket.
1540 x 1900mm