Patchwork Quilts

Cressida Mary Webb Challis
Quilt of 50mm hexagons in random pattern. Hexagons are made from scraps of old materials with many variations of colours and patterns. One red print hexagon has "J.P." on it. The padding is an old eiderdown and the backing is calico.
1660 x 1220mm
La Dona Anick
Hexagon quilt in the form of rosettes often called 'Grandmother's Flower Garden'. Wide variety of materials including solid coloured homespuns, floral prints and American feed sacks. There is a padding of soft cotton and a backing of calico. 1930 x 1540mm
 Queensland Women's Historical Assoc.
Cotton crazy patchwork quilt. Plain and printed fabrics including tartans. Fringe of gold knitting wool. Machine zig zag stitching over seams. Backing is grey wool.
1449 x 1449mm
Pippa Savell
Cot quilt from Suffolk Puffs made from white sheeting. The backing is also white sheeting. 970 x 730mm.
Shari Jamieson
Pieced repeat block in hexagons, hand pieced and hand quilted. The pattern is sometimes called 'Grandmother's Garden'. Hexagons are a combination of plain and printed cottons, with a background of cream hexagons, outlined with green diamonds. Padding is cotton batting and the backing is white homespun. 2500 x 2030 mm.
Omeo Historical Society
Quilt of white cotton octagonal patches made from bleached flour bags. Each patch has 8 segments which are stitched so that the middle of the segments puff up. Quilt has a frilled edging and a cotton backing.
It was made to suit a narrow single bed.
Shari Jamieson
Quilt has Ohio Star with variations as the major design feature. Blocks are cream homespun and a variety of scrap fabrics. There are twenty pattern blocks, separated by strips of deep pink, tied with orange and yellow knitting wool. Padding is a blanket. Backing comprises many large fabric pieces including one depicting a scene of the River Seine in Paris. 2080 x 1730 mm.
The Queensland Women's Historical Assoc.
Small quilt of mixed fabrics in cotton and wool with patterns similar to men's suiting samples. Wool backing and cream binding. Joins are over embroidered with silk thread in herringbone stitch.
1271 x 1067mm
Virginia DeFriest
Cotton quilt of pieced triangles placed to form pin wheels. Plain and patterned materials. Block construction. Padding is cotton wadding and the backing is plain white muslin. 1660 x 2220 mm
The Queensland Women's Historical Assoc.
Crazy patchwork quilt in velvets with cotton backing. "Possibly the maker intended to have a final backing layer." [Q.W.H.A.] Herringbone stitch in a silk thread is embroidered over the joins of the velvet pieces.
1372 x 864mm
Virginia DeFriest
One of a pair for twin beds. Frame quilt entirely in rectangles of squares radiating from small central rectangle. Alternating rows of plain and patterned cottons. All squares are on edge. Padding is cotton and backing is plain white muslin. 2220 x 1540 mm.
Virginia DeFriest
One of a pair for twin beds. Frame quilt entirely in rectangles of squares radiating from small central rectangle. Alternating rows of plain and patterned cottons. All squares are on edge. Padding is cotton and backing is plain white muslin. 2220 x 1540 mm.
Shari Jamieson
Cot quilt in Bow Tie variation (?) of pieced repeat blocks. The quilt is white homespun and a pink print with lambs. It is hand pieced and tied and has a pink backing. There is no padding. 1210 x 990 mm.
Valerie Gorey
"Very unusual flying geese/ocean waves variation, very individual quilt, made in a variety of indigo & white 'geese' with predominantly a red and white tiny flower pattern in between but also a number of other cream and white stripes & dots. Centre to each block is a cream muslin block, some appear to be inset. Hand pieced and hand quilted in triple tramline in plain block & 1" diagonal on rest of quilt. Outer border pieced several times and looks like maker ran out of fabric. 1/4" indigo and white binding. Approx. 1880-1890." [Valerie Gorey] The padding is cotton and the backing is cream or white muslin. 2210 x 1890mm.
Donna Wood
Block pattern. Quarter Dresden Plate/Fan in pale yellow, dark blue and brighter blue and pale yellow triangles in border. Navy blue edge. Some fabrics coarsely woven. Hand pieced and hand quilted in a quarter fan in half triangles on edge. Straight lines on other blocks. Padding is fine cotton and the backing is fine cream coloured calico. 1900 x 1650mm
Margaret Cameron
Hand stitched quilt of hexagon shapes in a random pattern and using a wide variety of materials including satins, cottons, underwear material, curtain pieces. There is no padding and it is backed with black silk. 1500 x 1000mm.
Diane Kern Hamilton
Embroidered floral squares quilt. Consists of sixteen embroidered squares (mainly flowers) on white sheeting divided by pale green and pale apricot floral sashing. Hand quilted in a square within a square pattern. The binding is the same pattern as the sashing and has been put on by machine. The padding is very thin processed cotton and the backing is white sheeting. This quilt was possibly made from a pre stamped kit. 1940 x 1800mm.
Kaye L-Sittlely
Probably originally a quilt, now part is a wall hanging. Hexagons randomly placed and backed with black cotton added later. There is a padding of carded cotton stitched by hand. The hanging has a twisted cord around it, once crimson, now brownish. 580 x 400mm
Jilleen Donaldson
The quilt pattern is alternating pieced blocks and plain blocks. The plain fabric is red with small white and brown flowers. The blocks have a central square on point with radiating lines towards the corners and triangles in between the lines. The triangles and squares are blue or green and the radiating lines are in a floral. The quilt is
hand pieced and has irregular hand quilting. The purple cotton backing fabric is folded to the front to make the binding and hand stitched down. The quilt is padded possibly with wool. 1680 x 2190mm
Suffolk Puff quilt made from early 20th century dress fabrics, mainly cottons in a wide variety of patterns.
2005 x 1525mm