Patchwork Quilts

Queensland Women's Historical Assoc.
Quilt of cotton rectangular patches in printed and plain fabrics. Backing is grey cotton waste blanket. Probably intended for a child's bed.
1626 x 1245mm
Rhonda Allardice
Hand stitched quilt constructed entirely from hexagons formed into rosettes or 'flowers'. 7 hexagons to each flower and 440 flowers in the quilt. The material used is mostly upholstery pieces. There is no padding and the backing is pale green cotton. Cardboard templates were used.
3300 x 2400mm
Nell Bell
Double sided patchwork quilt in coloured patterned cottons. Side A has frame pattern aound a central pieced rectangle containing a piece of lace curtaining. Colours are ornage, brown, yellow, green, red and black. Side B has windmill blades (4 blades) in printed cottons with solid colour centres appliqued on to a dark brown background. Hand and machine sewn. Padding is fleece wool in an old commercial eiderdown.
1829 x 915mm
National Trust of Australia (WA)
Hand sewn quilt of cotton materials constructed of 12 rows down by 12 rows across of squares with various appliqué motifs of hearts, circles, leaf sprigs, stars, fans and geometric patterns. The quilt centre has a large rectangle with an appliqué vase of flowers in a cream oval. The border consists of large triangles of alternating blue and red prints with a single green leaf appliquéd in each triangle. The backing is cream linen joined from 4 pieces, embroidered at the top in blue linen thread is: 'Sarah Evans 1806'.
2430 x 2190mm
The Pioneer Women's Hut
A buggy rug of machine pieced patchwork of men's suiting samples. There is a large diamond of patches in the centre, bordered by rectangles. There is no padding. The backing is wholecloth tartan wool.
1910 x 1580mm
Celia Suddull
Suffolk puff coverlet, white cotton, hand sewn. Each puff is 55mm. Edging of needle netting lace.
2190 x 1510mm with 120mm wide needle netting lace.
The set includes a pillow sham 900 x 380mm and a nightgown bag 430 x 330mm. Both are edged with needle netting lace.
Fred Keen
Patchwork quilt with front and back made from different sized patches of used woollen clothes, stitched in a random manner. Fabrics include men's trousers, and tweeds, checks and plains, in navy, grey, browns and fawn, and some red and white check. Backing is from larger pieces, including large patches of a dark pink, some green and some navy rectangles. Filling of wheat bags and part of a travelling rug was removed because it was too heavy.
1600 x 1000mm
Ida Blenkiron
Patchwork quilt made of rectangles of wool and wool tweed fabrics, in green, blue and red, the red predominating. Edges are blanket stitched in pink, blue and green thread. Backing is of red and green corduroy, No filling or quilting.
1910 x 1020mm
Susan Mathews
Cotton quilt machine pieced from 64mm squares in blues, aqua and white, arranged in a straight furrows set. Machine quilted on the seam lines. The padding is cotton and the backing is cotton poplin. Bias binding has been used on the edges.
2260 x 1385mm
Wanda McPherson
Patchwork Victorian style crazy quilt with 100s of irregular shaped pieces of velvet, silk, cotton sateen, brocade, ribbons and beading. Many pieces have been embroidered with decorative motifs or names. The centre olive green velvet piece is embroidered 'DC 1898', another 'Mother', two names are just readable - 'Louise' and 'Constance A Kenworth'. Several sprigs of raised wattle and leaves are also embroidered on black velvet. Patchwork has a 13cm wide border of olive green velvet with a twisted cord of 3 greens stitched to the edge. Padding is of white cotton flannelette, backing of mid brown cotton sateen.
1580mm x 1400mm
Pat Stevenson
Crazy patchwork stitched on to an old sheet. Machine constructed with 2 sides similar. It is made from left over dressmaking materials of the fifties. The 2 sides with cotton wadding in between are bound together with a 55mm pink and white gingham binding.
1803 x 1398mm
Verna Doak
Made from crocheted rounds with raised centre, using left-over wool. Centre is a flat circle of clusters of treble stitch. Padding is a piece of blanket. Backing is blue cotton fabric. Centre not in good repair. Colours mainly yellow, red, blue, green, pink, white and black.
Queensland Women's Historical Assoc.
Cotton hexagons in 'flower' pattern. 6 hexagons around a central one make the flower. Printed and plain fabrics with white between the rows. Patterned border.
2337 x 2135mm
Jillian Towers
The centre frame is a hand embroidered piece of wool which the owner suggests may have been a cushion cover. It is framed by borders of irregular shaped pieces of velvet offcuts. There is a green velvet border top and bottom. It is not quilted or tied. The backing is a piece of dress type material in a large floral print in pinks and purples.
1680 x 1380mm
The Pioneer Women's Hut
Machine pieced patchwork quilt with the top of squares of tailors' samples joined in rows. The backing is almost entiurely squares of machine knitted jumper samples and clothing pieces. The padding appears to be dark green woollen material.
1770 x 1150mm
Beverley Beck
Patchwork quilt, the top made from large squares and rectangles of woollen material pieced in a random manner. Colours are bright pink and green, with brown, blue and grey check pieces. Padding is flannelette and an old singlet. Backing is made of scraps of woollen material.
1350 x 1000mm
Alyce Wright
All cotton scrap quilt in 'Star' variation. Scalloped border bound with pink cotton. The padding is hand carded cotton and the backing is white cotton.
2160 x 1626mm
Jillian Towers
Wool quilt with central check, pieced,tied, frame. Irregular hand pieced borders to frame.There is no padding. The backing is white huckaback, perhaps an old bedspread, with a pieced border down two sides where the quilt has been folded back
1920 x 1340mm
The Pioneer Women's Hut
Quilt made up of 8 white cotton squares, 360 x 360mm, each with a differently coloured crinoline lady appliqued in buttonhole stitch. The squares are divided by bands of yellow cotton. It is hand quilted. The padding is kapok or cotton and the backing is red cotton.
2170 x 1700mm
Dorothy Cawood
Utility quilt. Pieced pink brocade type material from old curtains forms panels down both sides. Also used in the other quilt by the same maker. The centre is a single piece of lightweight check material. Single/double thread quilting stitches. The padding is hessian and the backing is a heavy woollen type tweed.
1700 x 1600mm