Historic Display

Voluntary organisation - collects artefacts, documents, photographs of historical significance relating to Phillip Island and District to preserve our heritage. We maintain and staff a museum open to the public. The society meets on 1st Wednesday of the month at 8.00pm. We have a guest speaker at each meeting and visitors are welcome.The Society's collection consists of local community archival records, many historical photographs. Objects relating to the early settlers.
The Nillumbik Historical Society's aim is to collect and preserve historical documents, articles and historic sites. The society's headquarters is a stone farmers cottage erected in 1865, which it operates as a museum and storage centre. The Society's collection includes some 1800 historic photos, in most cases accompanied with a slide and a negative, biographies of 90 local families and institutions, and artefacts and memorabilia.
A tem of speakers visit schools and local interest groups. Displays of historic photographs are mounted as requested. Because Diamond Creek was a gold mining town,...
The Essendon Football Club Hall Of Fame traces the history of the club from 1873 to present times through a display of memorabilia, text, photographs, video, film and books. The collection is housed in a new building at the home of the Essendon Football Club in Essendon, located 10kms from the City of Melbourne.The collection has a range of ephemera, trophies, medals, photographs, clothing and documentation relating to player and club history fron 1873 to the present. There is also a small sports library with an emphasis on football.
Murray Breweries Historic Museum together with the National Trust's Beechworth Carriage Museum and the Australian Lighthorse Heritage Collection is located in the Historic Billson's Brewery. The Brewery was built in 1865 during the Gold Rush on the site of a natural spring which continues to provide the pure water sold as such and used in the beverages made on the premises.The Brewery Building houses a celler museum of bottles, brewing equipment, labels and brewery memorabilia. The Australian Lighthorse Heritage Collection presents a display of rare uniforms, badges, saddlery and sentimental...
The museum is housed in an original 1947 Nissan Building which has been given to the town of Camperdown to be managed by the local service clubs. Guided tours of the restored carriages and buggies recall the bygone era of horse-drawn transport.16 carriages in the Ower St building and 6 in the Old Four Mill, all date from before the turn of the 19th century.
Archival facility and Photgraphic collection, old Gaol building. Bridgetown population 4,000. 270km south of Perth.
Bridgetown is one of eight heritage listed towns in Western Australia. Historic work panphlet is available.900 old phtographs of Bridgetown area. Written achival information and locally produced fistoric books. Access to oral histories.
A collection of pharmaceutical artefacts and memorabilia pertaining to the practice of pharmacy. Also includes books, periodicals and records on WA pharmacists registration.1,000 items
Situated in the main street of Wyalkatchem, the main museum building is a 1936 Wheat Bin. Bulk handling of wheat originated in the Shire of Wyalkatchem and the wheat bin is the oldest in preservation and is a museum piece on its own. Most items have been restored and are still operational. Some interesting "as is" items are also on display. A second shed, partly built from materials recycled from a demolished Wheat bin holds a 40 restored tractor collection. The yard also has a variety of equipment. The domestic collection, "The School House Museum" is in the process of re-organisation and...

1906 Road Board Building
1930 Road Board Building
Mining Industry of Collie

The Museum has a collection of items relating to the local history of the the districts within the City of Belmont and resides in a purpose-built building, in early colonial style. The collections cover household items and early industries, with a special interest in horse racing. "Hands-on" activities are provided for school groups, which involves the use of early days equipment.approx. 600 photographs covering all aspects of the life and times of citizens - buildings of the area, items of everyday use in home, work and play.
Onslow Museum is housed in The Old Goods Shed which was transported over by Camel Train from the Old Town of Onslow in 1925. As it is an Historical Building it has been classified by the National Trust. Many larger items, such as the train and carriage used in transport of goods from the jetty, are on The wool ramps adjacent to the building.Artifacts relating to the pioneering days of the Onslow and surrounding Ashburton/ Pilbara district, plus a collection of photographs.
We speak through Photographs, subject albums and visual displays to provide visitors with an understanding of Broome from its rough and ready early days to its emergence as a World Centre for cultured pearling.
Broome was the first truly multi-cultural district in Australia Aboriginal, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans have all contributed to Broome’s very diverse cultural history and the Museum, in its exhibits and its albums reflects this richness..

Visiting the Museum you will learn about: Pearling and Luggers; Exploitation and Exploration; Adventures, Hardships and Mateship;...
WA’s largest regional museum, the new Western Australian Museum Geraldton showcases the Mid West region with original displays that intrigue, inform and inspire.
Located on the waterfront on the magnificent Batavia Coast Marina, the building itself symbolises the meeting of the land and the sea, a theme that is present throughout the Museum.
Three permanent galleries are housed within the Museum - the Mid West Gallery, Shipwreck Gallery and Aboriginal Gallery as well as a travelling exhibition hall and theatrette screening re-enactments of the famous Batavia mutiny.
Stepping into the Shipwreck...
The exhibition is an extensive display of objects and images relating to the history of Coolgardie, particularly the gold mining boom of the 1890s. The exhibit extends over two floors and more than a dozen rooms and features hand-made tools and furniture from the early gold mining days such as the Coolgardie Safe, tin water bottles and seats made from kerosene tins. Other significant materials on display are clothing and memorabilia from Afghan camel herders, indigenous artefacts, a large diorama of the town in its heyday, rocks, mining equipment such as the local dryblowers and much more....
The historic hangar was purchase in pre-fabricated form from the Sydney Williams Company in 1939 by prominent local aviation figure Eddy Connellan. It was constructed at the town Aerodrome in Alice Springs by the staff of Connellan Airways, and various extensions were added prior to the Aerodrome's closing in 1968. In 1979 the Central Australian Aviation Museum Society extensively restored the building with funds from the Northern Territory Government.
The Memorial is dedicated to the memory of Keith Anderson and Bob Hitchcock who perished after the "Kookaburra" made a forced landing in the...
The museum is housed in the original terminal for the Department of Civil Aviation. It contains collections and artefacts, photographs and historical items relating to the Katherine region. The Clyde Fenton Hangar houses the Gypsy Moth aircraft and photographs and text pertaining to Dr Clyde Fenton. The Skillion Shed houses artefacts, photographs and text pertaining to the farming industry of the region.Approx. 1 500 items and 2 000 photographs.
The important thing is the display of medical history, from the 19th Century right up to the UN Peacekeeping force in East Timor. The display consists of photographs, documents, weapons, uniforms, medals, flags etc. displayed in the indoor sections of the Museum, while some very large items are displayed in the outdoor sections, including all anti-aircraft guns, field guns, a tank, a ship's radar antenna, an old Navel anchor and a battered aircraft propeller with a dramatic history of air-sea rescue. The location of the War Museum is special, as it is situated against a natural backdrop of...
Motorcycles from 11 countries. 1939 - 1980's dirt road and competition models. Extensive range of manuals and literature. Children's books 1920's on. Cinema films 1940's on. Literature on films and film stars.65 Motorcycles, plus motor Cycle Manuals, 1005 items.