Patchwork Quilts

Yvonne Murray
This quilt is a series of hand stitched suffolk puff flowers in various shades of blue linked by a red 'path'. There is no padding and no backing.
1650 x 1350mm
Bett Basham
Hand sitched quilt of 45mm hexagons. Multicoloured prints, patterns and plain materials. Some hexagons still have papers in place. Repair and replacements have been made especially around the edges. Each hexagon is anchored by a black colonial knot to the flannelette padding. There is a blue binding. The backing is Chambray. The 3 layers are kept together with simple embroidery.
2590 x 1750mm
Miles Historical Village & Museum
Patchwork quilt made from rectangles of brightly coloured cottons in floral, striped, checked and geometric patterns. The rectangles are sewn in strips and then pieced in rows. Machine sewn.
2515 x 2413mm
Shari Jamieson
This is an American kit quilt. Quilt pattern is of square blocks in checkerboard with alternate blocks embroidered on homespun with a variety of individual birds, all machine-pieced. Alternate blocks are blue, each quilted with 'Rose of York' pattern. Backing is also of the same deep blue fabric; quilt is padded with fine cotton batting. 2200 x 1600 mm.
Mrs Noleen Caarthew
Hand stitched quilt top in printed cotton with central frame of elongated diamond of orange/blue squares and triangles. Borders are mainly squares set on point, triangles, strips, pinwheels and log cabin.
2140 x 1850mm
Ida Blenkiron
Crazy patchwork quilt top for single bed, made from cotton patches in plains, checks, stripes and florals, machine pieced directly on to a backing of brown, yellow and white check cotton. A saxe blue cotton headcloth gathered skirt or flounce is on three sides, split at the sides. 1920 x 95omm
Mary Holland
Strip of hexagons with paper templates still in place in the outside row. Mainly small prints. All hand stitched.
4090 x 120mm
Bud and Patricia Ford
Single bed quilt made from a variety of stud cattle show ribbons won over 20 years. The ribbons are hand stitched together and the quilt is backed with blue taffeta. It has a gold fringe.
1829 x 1220mm
Annette Gero
The top of the quilt is suiting samples arranged in rows and every second row has alternate dark and light cream rectangles. The back is a patchwork of dress materials. It is machine sewn. There is no padding and it is not quilted.
2160 x 135mm
The Embroiderers' Guild of S.A.Inc Museum
Incomplete quilt top not padded or backed. Variously patterned chintzes and cottons, assembled as patchworked borders to centre frame. There are hexagons and assorted appliqued shapes on calico. There is a small amount of surface embroidery.
2160 x 2500mm
Samford District Historical Museum Soc. Inc
Remnant piece of a patchwork quilt made from 50mm squares of cotton materials with larger pieces making the border. The material is thought to be lawn or handkerchief linen. It is hand sewn in a variety of stitches.
600 x 600mm
Diana Cameron
Cotton quilt of patterned and plain hexagons with central design and borders of hexagons radiating from it. It is hand sewn and most patterns are of roses. Backing is pink sateen and is a replacement backing put on in 1939. Pieced over papers, remnant love letters were found when the new backing was put on.
1981 x 1525mm
Fran Williams
Hexagon quilt top of predominantly roller print cottons. Pieced over newspapers (English) with some still inside dated to early 1880s. The owner commented on the way the maker has used the prints to form secondary designs. Possible later additions around the edges.
1760 x 2150mm
Margery Creek
Polyester/cotton pieced quilt in 'Double Wedding Ring' pattern. Made in the USA. Calico backing and polyester padding.
2819 x 2515mm
Kristine Gray
The original quilt has had 3 covers, 2 of which are still on it. The first quilt, a domestic Wagga, is made from pea seed bags and an old sheet covered with red paisley cretonne. This has been recovered with a red/yellow/brown paisley cotton twill in a pillow slip construction. One side of the next outer cover has a strong vibrant loosley floral pattern with a black background and a border in black, yellow and aqua. The other side is a large piece of cotton with a pattern of abstract rectangles and there are other floral and geometric cotton pieces. There was a fourth layer, a slip cover that is no longer on the quilt.
David Beasley
Pictorial quilt, pieced randomly from wool. Hand appliqued and embroidered. It has a central Miss Muffet theme with the spider and cattle under a tree. There is a 'Centenary Border 1836 - 1936' and an inscription 'Good Times, Let's Look Back'. The backing is 2 pieces of plaid suiting in grey/blues.
2000 x 1490mm
Fran Williams
Double sided frame quilt. One side has 4 patch triangular design in the centre and then 8 borders. The other side, probably the back, has 8 or 9 borders and the outer one is a very uneven border of blue floral. Mainly cotton materials with a little flannelette. It is not bound. The edges are butted and top sewed. There is a lot of quilting. The padding appears to be an old blanket.
1540 x 1900mm
Fran Williams
Mainly cotton top and backing, some silks and satins. Machine construction. Patches, mainly rectangles, joined in strips and then the strips joined to form the top. The back is a similar construction but larger pieces. The padding is made from lots of hand and machine knitted woollen pieces, including jumpers. It is very heavy. It is not quilted. It is not used. The owner calls it a Wagga.
1200 x 1630mm
Miles Historical Village & Museum
Patchwork quilt made from hexagon patches and pieces cut to the shape of a rosette of 7 hexagons. Fabrics are cottons and crimplene, all hand sewn. Quilt is reversible. Colours are a mixture of dark and light, with plain fabrics, and florals, stripes, spots and geometrics. No padding. The back is the same as the front.
2007 x 1499mm
The Embroiderers' Guild of S.A.Inc Museum
An Adelaide Chronicle bird quilt. Alternate squares of green and fawn headcloth embroidered with native birds in fawn squares, butterflies in outline, beige threads, in green squares. Bordered and backed with the same green fabric. It is padded.
2390 x 1530mm