Patchwork Quilts

Miles Historical Village & Museum
Patchwork crazy quilt with patches of cotton, rayon, velvet and cotton blends. Colours are predominantly pastels. Red herringbone stitch joins each patch and also stitches it to the calico backing. No padding.
2261 x 1525mm
Benall & District Historical Society
Crazy patchwork quilt in mostly dark colours made from velvet and silk. Centre panel has a circular piece made from 9 triangles. This panel is in a grey [velvet] frame or border. Seams are stitched over with herringbone stitch in different coloured threads, and some other decorative stitches are used. Quilt is dotted with 'stars'. Backing is a cotton fabric printed with bunches of pink roses on a blue and white ground. Padded, and qulted with widely spaced rows of machine stitching. Quilt is edged with bias.
1520 x 1460mm
Kristine Gray
The original quilt has had 3 covers, 2 of which are still on it. The first quilt, a domestic Wagga, is made from pea seed bags and an old sheet covered with red paisley cretonne. This has been recovered with a red/yellow/brown paisley cotton twill in a pillow slip construction. One side of the next outer cover has a strong vibrant loosley floral pattern with a black background and a border in black, yellow and aqua. The other side is a large piece of cotton with a pattern of abstract rectangles and there are other floral and geometric cotton pieces. There was a fourth layer, a slip cover that is no longer on the quilt.
Amanda Smith
Quilt pieced from scraps machine sewn on to calico pieces including printed bags. The backing is wholecloth, cretonne.
1423 x 1347mm
Miles Historical Village & Museum
Patchwork quilt made from hexagon patches and pieces cut to the shape of a rosette of 7 hexagons. Fabrics are cottons and crimplene, all hand sewn. Quilt is reversible. Colours are a mixture of dark and light, with plain fabrics, and florals, stripes, spots and geometrics. No padding. The back is the same as the front.
2007 x 1499mm
Mrs Noleen Caarthew
Hand stitched quilt top in printed cotton with central frame of elongated diamond of orange/blue squares and triangles. Borders are mainly squares set on point, triangles, strips, pinwheels and log cabin.
2140 x 1850mm
Diane Kern Hamilton
Crazy quilt made in 3 sections. Fabrics are wools, cottons, velvets and silks and there are some silk chintzes. All the seams have been stitched with either wool, silk or cotton using either herringbone stitch or other decorative stitches such as sun bursts and daisies. A few black pieces have been embroidered eg. an umbrella, pansies, a red butterfly. There is no padding and the backing is cotton in a small houndstooth pattern. 2040 x 1700mm.
Di Tement
Leather buggy rug constructed from hundreds of squares each 60mm. There is a pink band of the same size squares 3 rows in from each border. There is no padding. The backing is a towelling type material. 1140 x 1700mm
Jeanette and Ian Hahn
Crazy quilt or wall hanging in mainly silks and velvets with elaborate decorative stitching over seams and embellishment with beads, braids, lace and crochet There are paisley and flower patterns and a central area with diagonally opposite patterns. At one border is an embroidered and patchwork grape leaf design with five leaves and a bunch of grapes of velvet covered material. Braided piping is around the entire edge. It is not padded. There is a cotton backing.
1480 x 810mms
Dorothy Cawood
Utility quilt. Random piecing with borders. Reused materials from furnishings and clothing uncluding wool, tweed, cotton, suiting. The backing is mattress ticking and the padding is an old sheet.
1850 x 1500mm
Valerie Rivers
Hand sewn frame quilt with design in 3cm hexagons. Some paper templates still in place but the backing has been removed. There are 16 different fabrics used in reds, dark greens, browns, pinks etc.
1890 x 1660mm
Di Tement
Quilt consisting of log cabin blocks with a centre piece, 520 x 460mm, of crazy patchwork. Each log cabin block is individually done and each 'log' is stuffed with a mixture of fur (angora?) and wool. The crazy patchwork centre is heavily embroidered and embellished with shells, beads and sequins. 'Devonport' and '1895' are embroidered on separate patches. There is no backing.
960 x 1270mm
Jean Fidler
Part quilt or wall hanging constructed from hexagons in a type of silk. The hexagons are hand sewn and placed in diagonal lines.
1500 x 480mm
Regina Murphy
Denim squares approx 9cm (square) machined together and handstitched to backing sheet. Each square is appliqued individually using natural and synthetic (few) materials. Applique both machined and hand stitched. Backing is unbleached calico.
2280 x 1310mm
Norma Irvin
Cotton quilt made of octagons with sides measuring 30mm. Material is in various colours and textures in plain, print, stripe and spots. The solid colour blocks are placed in diagonal lines and the patterned ones at random. Hand stitched at 20 stitches to the inch. There is no padding. The backing is cotton headcloth folded to the front, corners mitred then stitched to quilt following outline of octagons.
1150 x 720mm
Virginia DeFriest
Called an 'Easter Egg' pattern by the owner. Whole quilt is pieced from the same small shapes in printed and plain cottons. It is all hand stitched. The padding is cotton wadding and the backing plain white muslin. 2220 x 1840 mm
Jewel Y. Hide
Hexagon shaped cover in cottons, rayons, linens and seersuckers. Central hexagon motif surrounded by 6 groups of hexagons. In fill is also hexagons. Red patterned hexagon border. The backing is calico. There is no padding. Embroidered on the back is ' D.Channells, Coffs HBR, 1961'.
1860 x 1650mm
Red Cliffs Historical Society
30 squares of machined strips around a small centre square. Each square is light and dark and together they form diagonal light and dark strips across the quilt. Colours are teal, dusty pink, red, dark green, apricot. Materials are cottons, velvets, satins, corduroys and lame. There is a border of regency stripes and the backing is the same material. The padding is probably dacron.
1750 x 1700mm
Sheila Bruhn
Quilt constructed of blocks of hexagons with 72 'flower' rosettes made from plain and printed cotton scraps. The centre of each rosette has the name of one of the Girl Guides embroidered on it. The one in the centre of the quilt has the Trefoil insignia outlined in satin stitch. The background is white hexagons. There is no padding and it is backed with white cotton. 1880 x 960mm
Janette McInnes
Pieced and appliqued quilt of pink, blue and brown wool. Centre motif is an applique whirligig or flower in pink and blue on tan, with two pink side borders topped by smaller appliqued whirligigs or flowers in the same colours. The outer frame is made of strips of pink, blue,and brown, with a border of brown. Some silk embroidery on the applique edges. No padding. Backing is of cretonne.
1423 x 1144mm