Clay model of Brisbane City Hall Tympanum, Brisbane, 1927-1930

Daphne Mayo
Clay model of Brisbane City Hall Tympanum, Brisbane, 1927-1930

Description: A high relief tympanum symbolising "The Progress of Civilisation in the State of Queensland"
Notes: The State is symbolised by a gowned woman with arms outstretched, the central figure at the apex. She protects her citizens and sends them forth into the far corners. To State's right the explorers, Captain Cook and Dampier, assess the possibilities of the new land, then the development of industries is shown, at the far corner the final achievement of civilisation, the arts. To the State's left a group of three pioneeers go forward, with Aborigines and native flora and fauna fleeing their advance
Dimensions: The final one-third size model: In situ: 9-10 ft X 54-56 ft.
Comments: In the sculptor's words ... "The stone was in position on the building and an army of stone masons roughed out my design and I then completed the carving, working high above King George Square on a scaffold which supported a platform about 60ft up in the air. The platform was reached by a series of ladders and a wheel-pulley was used to take up tools"