Wholecloth Quilts

Ida Blenkiron
Wholecloth quilt with back and front of red, blue and yellow cotton floral print and padding made from jumpers, wool skirts, etc. Machine quilted.
1050 x 840mm
A.C. O'Sullivan
Wholecloth quilt of thickly woven white cotton, with an overall raised floral design. The wide border has a diamond pattern and is finised by a deeply scalloped edge. The floral design appears to be a type of raised or trapunto quilting, where the stuffing is placed under the design area only.
2080 x 1820mm
Dulcie Williams
Wholecloth quilt made from cotton cretonne, with two distinct patterns. Front has sprays of pink and red roses, back has bunches of tan and white flowers on a cream ground. The quilt has machine sewn channels widthways which are stuffed with old nylon stockings cut into strips about 1/2 inch wide. Single bed size, and extra long to tuck in at the bottom of the bed.
2185 x 1067mm
The Pioneer Women's Hut
Wholecloth quilt of rose patterned and coloured cretonne on one side and a backing piece of pale green cretonne with a floral pattern. The padding is a worn grey blanket.
1440 x 1080mm
Muriel Mackenzie
Wholecloth utilitarian quilt with velour type material top and cottage weave curtain material on the back. The padding is a 'bush blanket'. There is a binding of turquoise woollen crochet encased in black cotton satin fabric Machine sewn and quilted.
1829 x 1042mm
Bud and Patricia Ford
A striped bush blanket with patches of used clothing. Originally covered with cretonne.
1829 x 1525mm
Jenny Gianoula Zounis
"Greek whole cloth quilt. Completely reversible. One side is sky blue satin and the other is coral pink satin. Is machine quilted with a central medallion of a circle with points surrounded by scallops. There is a fan shape in each corner. There is a border all around with scallops and three defining border lines. Is machine quilted with blue on the blue side and pink thread on the pink side." [Jenny Zounis] There is 2 cm thick padding, thought to be kapok. 2000 x 1720 mm.
Win Groves
Wholecloth quilt with front and back of green and white check gingham. The filling is made from jumpers, suitings, warm skirts etc. Machine sewn.
1800 x 1050mm
Margaret Eisenhauer
Wholecloth quilt covered with floral cretonne both sides, deep pink and yellow flowers on cream background. Padding is hessian/jute type bags joined.
One of a pair but the other one is smaller.
1800 x 1325mm
Dulcie Williams
Wholecloth quilt has a top of green, blue, yellow and white check cotton flannelette. The backing is calico with washed crossbreed fleece stitched to it in rows. Sewn on a treadle machine. A calico flap extends from the base and was used to tuck in the quilt to prevent slipping.
2135 x 1271mm
Max Robertson
This traditional Wagga rug is made from 4 jute wheat bags joined lengthwise (upopened) by sewing with a bag needle and twine. It did not have a cover. In the 1950s it was covered with striped cottage twill on both sides. Originally there was no padding and now the bags are the padding.
1950 x 1130mm
Dulcie Williams
Wholecloth quilt made from cotton japara, a feather proof fabric, printed with a blue floral and check pattern on white. Machine quilted in rectangles, and filled with feathers. Originally two small quilts, and joined together later. Quilt is reversible, the backing the same as the front.
991 x 610mm
Nancy Stinson
This quilt is one of a pair. The original padding by Sara Harborne consists of layers of pieced used clothing including; part of Sara's shawl (gold), part cream woollen blanket, part 'neck to knee' bathers pink and black/blue. Later additions by Nancy Stinson (daughter) are; orange pieces (part of husband Logan's pullover) and 2 bunny rugs made by Nancy's sister Enid. The padding has had 2 cotton wholecloth covers, the second one put on by Nancy in 1980.
1730 x 1020mm
Annette Gero
Wholecloth quilt of calico with the 'Double Wedding Ring' pattern worked in cross stitch in yellow and green. The sides are bound and the backing is calico. There is no padding.
1650 x 1280mm
Simone Poznanski
Quilt top. Pale green base with appliquéd white cotton palm tree shapes. Tahitian design. 2350 x 2030mm
Powerhouse Museum
"The quilt is made from three panels of white cotton fabric, each about 800 mm wide and machine-stitched together. The quilting pattern consists of an all-over diamond ground with a central medallion of flowers and leaves and a border of scrolling feathers and flowers. The quilt is finished with a single row of machine stitching round the edge and marked 'T W Ritson' in ink on the underside of one corner and 'T W R' under another. The blue pattern markings are still evident on the surface of the quilt." [PHM] It is padded and backed with cotton.
2520 x 2430mm
Art Gallery of South Australia
Quilt of cotton and linen fabrics has pots of flowers appliqued on to a cream background with hexagonal 'paths' of a striped fabric in between. The appliqued flowers are in broderie perse - flowers cut from floral patterned fabric. The diamond shapes in between the hexagons have single flowers in broderie perse. Border and backing is 20th century, of mid green cotton. Handsewn,
2230 x 1630mm
Powerhouse Museum
"A wholecloth hand quilted Northumberland quilt made from fine white cotton. The design features a large centre medallion of flowers, shells and leaves with more foliate designs in the corners and edges; the remaining area is quilted in a diamond pattern. The blue lines of the quilting pattern are still visible on the surface. The quilt has been machine finished with cotton wadding and a cotton backing. A label with the words 'Mrs L McFadyen/Inverell' is sewn to the edge." [PHM]
This is one of three quilts by Hannah Reed in the Powerhouse collection.
2395 x 2220mm
Chris Jones
Wholecloth quilt from Greece with one side red cotton sateen and the other floral cotton print, furnishing material weight, on cream background. Padding is extremely thick (about 20mm) wool or cotton . It is quilted in large even stitches with thick red thread in a pattern of clamshells with a border of lines and semi circles.
2100 x 1770mm
Dorothy Stevens
Utilitarian quilt made for a child's bed. Padding is hand and machine knitted pieces of clothing. Top and backing is wholecloth of the same cotton fabric. Machine quilted in a simple pattern.
1728 x 864mm