Pieced quilt, the top made of fine wool fabric sewn using a treadle sewing machine, to form a distinctive Amish geometric pattern, 'Diamond in a Square'. A large red diamond is in a large blue square, contained by a narrow red border with small blue corner blocks, finished with a binding of deep red. The open areas are intricately hand quilted with patterns of feathers, flowers and leaves. Filling of wool, backing of plain blue cotton.
1770 x 1770mm
This rug is made from brown kangaroo skins. 10 whole backs and 4 half backs stitched in a diamond pattern with 4 whole skins in the centre. Machine construction. The backing is red baize with 40mm scalloped edge showing. 1740 x 1270mm
Double sided quilt, machine pieced from large rectangles of used clothing in various materials including wools and suitings. The sides are turned in and machined to make a firm edge. It is machine quilted. The padding is 3 old sheets and a blanket.
1370 x 1040mm
Pauline Rogers
Machine constructed patchwork quilt of mainly cotton materials in squares. There is feather stitching as decoration along the seams. There is no padding and the backing is a wholecloth of gold damask like material.
2515 x 2312mm
Fox skin rug made from the backs of 42 fox skins. The backing is red felt with a stamped scalloped edge extending beyond the skins. 1680 x 1230mm
Embroiderers' Guild Victoria
Cotton quilt in a design called 'Crossed Canoes'. Yellow background with various coloured cotton prints. Machine pieced and hand quilted in a diamond pattern. There is a thin padding and the backing is the same yellow cotton as on the top.
2040 x 1690mm
"All handsewn. Quilt in fragile condition. Hexagonal patches in blocks of 19 patches & joined together with diamond and triangle patches. All patches recycled cotton material. The centre patch is one material, the 6 patches around are another material and the surrounding 12 are white sheeting. The diamonds and triangles are pale blue. No padding. Cotton sheeting backing. Patches sewn onto a ? old cotton ? damask weave tablecloth or bedspread. This is woven in strips. The backing sewn on."
[K.D.H.S.1997] 2500 x 2450mm
Quilt covered in pink and green paisley cotton material. The backing is cotton. The quilting is machined in parallel rows around the sides and in the centre in a scalloped design. The centre panel corners are finished with pink buttonhole stitching around a small hole. The filling is down.
1750 x 1400mm
Wholecloth quilt with both sides a furnishing cotton. The material has a pattern of pink flowers on a brown/blue/white striped ground. The top has a cream border top and bottom and has been covered with 'Stabiltex'. The padding is felted grey wool.
1710 x 1145mm
Canadian Log' design (log cabin?). It is a hand stitched quilt constructed from 6,240 pieces of silk, satin, velvet, cotton, brocade and corduroy. The type of padding is unknown and the backing is cotton with a floral design. 1920 x 1900 mm
Handmade cotton patchwork quilt in 'Double Wedding Ring' pattern on a cream background. The padding is cotton and the backing is calico.
2130 x 1830mm
Patchwork quilt constructed of two panels, top and bottom, of squares in coloured fabrics with a single horizontal panel in the middle. Machine stitched. The backing is a black and white striped material similar to mattress ticking.
Single bed patchwork quilt made of rectangular or oblong patches in various colours in mainly floral patterns. Along each side and across the bottom of the quilt are strips of black piping 1" in width and approx. 1 foot in from the edge. The filling is old blankets, and the backing is blue cotton.
"The quilt is made of white cotton, slightly padded, and measures 150 x 75cms. The pattern is made up of a large circular design in the centre with smaller circles around the edge, with close lines of running stitches in white cotton outlining the design." [ Victor Harbour National Trust]
National Trust of Australia (SA)
Patchwork frame quilt in various cotton print fabrics, main colours are red, grey, pink, blue, light brown. Centre panel (104cm x 99cm) made of stars constructed from diamond shapes, in a grey stripe frame (2cm). Wide border (25cm) of hexagon 'flowers' with a grey stripe frame (3 1/2cm), then a border (17cm) of randomly placed diamond patches with a frame of grey stripe fabric. Two sides have a border of pastel stars with bright colour diamonds in between, then a narrow frame of red and grey stripe fabric. Quilt has a border of triangle squares. No padding. Cotton backing.
2810 x 2340mm
Skin rug believed to be platypus pelts, 28 in all. It has a brown cotton backing. 1300 x 900mm
Migration Museum
Crazy patchwork quilt of silk and cotton fabrics in velvets and brocades, with surface embroidery and appliqued motifs, and many seams embroidered, in a variety of stitches. Some metal thread embroidery. Centre patch has embroidered initials "F B". Quilt has been constructed from 30cm squares of crazy patwork which have been joined in bands and then stitched together in rows. Quilt has a border 12cm wide of red velvet. Backing (replaced backing) is of deep pink cotton, machine quilted. Hand and machine sewing.
1700 x 1430mm
White cotton quilt of gathered hexagons. Hand embroidered roses in the centre of each hexagon. It is quilted.
2395 x 2286mm
Utilitarian quilt, machine stitched. The outer cover has a top of floral and striped cretonne and a backing of faded pink cotton. This is a cover for another well worn quilt inside with a floral top and cream backing. The padding is a huge assortment of many layers of old woollen clothing secured with pieces of string. 1750 x 1040mm
Embroiderers' Guild Victoria
Hexagon shaped patchwork cover in an all over design based on very small hexagons in plain colours and prints. It is unfinished and there is no backing. Papers are still in place. Some of the materials have been dated to the 1830s and it is thought they came from old garments. This is similar to another cover in the Guild's collection.
1280 x 1280mm