19th Century Portable Iron Houses

The three houses at Coventry Street are among the few 19th Century prefabricated iron buildings remaining in the world. Students of building, architecture, industrial archaeology as well as social history will find them of interest.

La Trobe's Cottage, Kings Domain

One of the oldest buildings in Victoria, LaTrobe's Cottage was the home of Victoria's first Superintedent and Lt. Governor, Charles La Trobe.


Completed in 1890, Labassa is a French Renaissance mansion significant for the relative completeness of its richly decorated and finely executed interiors.300 objects.

Barwon Grange

Barwon Grange is an elegant intact brick home dating from Geelong's earliest residential settlement. It was built in 1855 and reflects the asperations of middle class businessman Jonathan Porter O'Brien and his family who had emigrated from Liverpool, U.K.

Barwon Park

Built in 1869 for Thomas and Elizabeth Austin by the Geelong architects Davidson and Henderson, Barwon Park is a majestic 42-room bluestone mansion and stables at Winchelsea.The interiors of the house remain largely in original condition.

Stonington Stables Museum of Art, Deakin University

The Stonington Stables Museum of Art will feature exhibitions of significant artworks, principally by established professional artists, for the pleasure and education of the University and the broader community.

Joss House

A visit to the Goldrush era Bendigo Joss House (house of Prayer) at Emu Point provides a glimpse into the Chinese culture and tradition in Australia.


The Mooramong Homestead, built in the early 1870s, was extensively altered in 1937 to conform to contemporary American tastes. It reflects the elegant lifestyle of D.J.S.

Dow's Pharmacy

Very different from modern retailing and pharmacy is Dow's Pharmacy in Chiltern. The extent to which retailing and the science of pharmacy and medicine have changed is well highlighted at Dow's Pharmacy.

Federal Standard Printing Works

Established in 1859, this is one of the few substantially intact provincial newspaper printeries remaining from the gold mining era.Printing presses and related items.

National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

The mission of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is to be an independent membership organisation committed to the conservation of our heritage by our own action and by involvement and education of the community.

Mount Buller Museum

Divided into sub-sections: Forestry, Ski Patrol, CFA, Ski Industry, and Early History.

Como Historic House and Garden

Como is one of few surviving large suburbab estates, dating from 1847, just over 10 years after European settlement of the Port Phillip district. For 95 years it was owned by the Armytage family, prominent graziers and well known members of Melbourne society.

Tilly Aston Heritage Collection

The Tilly Aston Heritage Collection is owned by Vision Australia Foundation, an organisation that has operated as a service provider for blind and vision impaired people since 1895.

Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc.

Voluntary organisation - collects artefacts, documents, photographs of historical significance relating to Phillip Island and District to preserve our heritage. We maintain and staff a museum open to the public. The society meets on 1st Wednesday of the month at 8.00pm.

National Steam Centre

The Museum is situated on 6 hectares of Park land allowing for good demonstration of mobile exhibits. There is sufficient area to demonstrate the farming and road making equipment.

Nillumbik Historical Society Inc.

The Nillumbik Historical Society's aim is to collect and preserve historical documents, articles and historic sites. The society's headquarters is a stone farmers cottage erected in 1865, which it operates as a museum and storage centre.

A Digital Evolution

The museum is located at the Caulfield campus of Monash University. The main focus of the museum is a collection of computers, computer peripherals and related equipment presented as a chronology from the 1960s to the present.

Kyabram & District Historical Society Inc.

Several old buildings in main street (Allan Street). Kyabram Reform movement which swept the country 1901-1903 to lower the number of policies in parliament and wages. Plaques, schools, hall, hotels ect.Photographs, farming machinery, cottage of mud brick and timber slab.

Essendon Football Club Hall of Fame

The Essendon Football Club Hall Of Fame traces the history of the club from 1873 to present times through a display of memorabilia, text, photographs, video, film and books.