Emerald Art Gallery

This is a new Gallery only two years old which has just started to form a collection and policy. The main emphasis will be on local art and artists, and/or art pertaining to the area.negligible as yet

Stanthorpe Art Gallery

A modern brick building constructed in 1987, the gallery has a very large collection of paintings and an excellent collection of ceramics. Exhibitions are changed regularly.Approximately 600 items

Tamborine Mountain Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre consists of six distinct buildings plus a streetfront display of a windmill ostensibly supplying water to a 2 metre water wheel. This is backed by a covered display of wagons and farm machinery.

School of Earth Sciences Museum

The collection consists of earth science materials: rocks, minerals, fossils, thin sections and cores. Some are displayed in glass cabinets with explanatory details.

North Pine Country Park

Cottage crafts, pottery, fibre making, education and schools, historic homes and rural buildings, local history, community groups ie.

Biggenden Historical Society

Housed in our building are Historical records, photographs and memorabilia of our town and district from early settlement until present day.Photographs, WWII memorabilia, local community historical records, hand sewn articles from 1890 era, local art, local hospital memorabilia.

Eidsvold Historical Complex

The complex consists of a local history museum, railway rolling stock and buildings, and original station homesteads made from hand cut slabs.

Pioneer Rum Museum

Beenleigh Rum Distillery is the oldest registered distillery in Australia and is still operating. The stillhouse and stills are circa 1865, and feature several wooden vats, dating back to pre 1900, still in use.

Rockhampton and District Historical Society Inc

The Society maintains a local and family history collection of research material (photographs, articles, books, newspaper cuttings and artefacts) housed in the former Borough Chambers in North Rockhampton.

Dreamtime Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre's exhibition hall displays genuine aboriginal artefacts. The hall is set out as a cave-like structure, providing information for self guiding tours which will be expanded upon in the future.60 articles

Taroom and District Museum

The Taroom and District Historical Society has acquired various buildings including the old Church of St. Mary's (built 1893) which is now the main museum building, a blacksmith shop, boat house, hospital room, Reynolds Cottage and Jongh Tai Shue's shop.

Acland Coal Mine Museum

Acland was the last underground coal mine on the Darling Downs of Queensland and the last in Australia to work under these conditions, the only one to be intact from a working colliery.

Museum of Tropical Queensland

The Museum of Tropical Queensland displays artefacts from the HMS Pandora, wrecked on the northern Great Barrier Reef in 1791 after capturing fourteen Bounty prisoners from Tahiti. It also houses a life-size replica of the Pandora bow.

The Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves is an adventure museum featuring crystallised mineral specimens and fossils from around the world. The Museum is built like a cave. Visitors wear a helmet with a light attached, and traverse passages and "tunnels" which are highlighted by special filtered lights.

The Bundaberg and District Historical and Museum Society Inc.

A well presented display of the history of Bundaberg and district and its people. Sectionalised into agriculture, industry, commerce, home life, recreation and hobbies. Situated in a Botanic garden complex with a kiosk and other Museums nearby.Estimated 20,000 plus items and photographs.

Old Springsure Hospital Museum

The building is the only one in town crafted from locally made 1860s brick with a timber floor and slat under corrugated iron roof. It is furnished with old hospital equipment similar to that originally used.