South Australia

South Australia

Axel Stenross Museum

Maritime museum - workplace of Finnish sailor who built wooden fishing boats and dinghies in the old traditional way - large collection of sailing ship (Wild Jammer) Photo's - Fishing Photo's old wooden boats (one 100 years old) - General maritime artefacts and yachting history.2,700 items, incl

University of South Australia Art Museum

The University of South Australia Art Museum is one of a national group of university museums and galleries.

Museum of Economic Botany

A carpological collection is permanently on display. Other displays encompass plants that are used by mankind eg essential oils, gums and resins, fibre plants, dye plants, food plants, beverage plants, timber plants, etc.

Investigator Science and Technology Centre

The Investigator Science and Technology Centre is South Australia's own interactive Science and Technology Centre. The spirit of The Investigator is learning about science and technology through exciting interactive exhibitions and amazing science shows.

Old Government House

Old Government House is situated in Belair National Park, South Australia's oldest National Park, 12 kms from Adelaide C.B.D.

Kadina Heritage Museum

The Kadina Heritage Museum incorporates the National Dryland Farming Centre. The Museum is transforming its comprehensive agricultural machinery collection into a dynamic interpretive centre.

D.A. Wurfel Grain Collection

This cereal grain collection includes mainly Australian varieties but also some from other parts of the world.

Old Highercombe Hotel

A folk museum of memorabilia and photographs mainly of the years 1850-1950. Repository for museum items for perusal of future generationsApproximately 2,000 items, numerous photographs

Prospect Hill Historical Museum

The Museum's collections include household items, post office articles, and records, an old school room (1893), blacksmith's shop, farm implements and engines, housed in an 1870 home and outbuildings.700 - 800 items, approximately 200 photographs

Hub Community Library Local History Collection

The local history collection provides videos, books, photographs and ephemeral material on the former city of Happy Valley and the Aberfoyle Park High School.

Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village

The Town is on a 20 acre site which houses ninety buildings laid out in an old town setting. It includes eleven streets, a railway line with fourteen carriages and a station. The shops, houses and public building are furnished from 1880 to 1950.

Nor West Bend Museum

The Museum is set in one of the State's pioneering outback stations, and presents displays of folk and local history.

Old Customs House Nautical Museum

The Museum displays photos of explorers, parts of ships, mines, maps, barometer, sextant, plate, spoon and other odds and ends brought up by divers from wrecks. Numerous other items have also been collected.

Pinnaroo Farm Machinery Museum

The museum houses a collection of various equipment and items relating to early farming life.

C.L. Alexander Museum

Local history of the district from 1880. Special sections on agriculture, entertainment, sports, marine, schools, churches, transport, household items, photographs, maps and books. The museum if also responsible for the care of Stokes Methodist Church and Pioneer Women's Memorial.

Sagasco Historical Group Museum

The museum is situated in a 130 year old building set among others of the same era which formed part of a former gas works. In the museum is a collection of vintage gas appliances, gas making plant and records.